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2024/25 Europa League: Confirmed teams and pots

The year 2024/25 marks an important time for UEFA club competitions, as the introduction of the Swiss model will bring about major changes.

Much of the talk surrounding the Swiss model has focused on the Champions League, but the Europa League will also undergo a similar format change from the start of the 2024/25 season.

No longer eight of the four teams will enter the group stage, 36 will be selected in the Europa League to compete in the league stage before the knockout round.

Familiarity with the format will begin after that, with the knockout rounds following the same format that fans have been used to since the Conference League came into existence.

The new start should bring a lot of excitement with the competition only growing in prestige. Here are all the teams that have booked their place in the 2024/25 Europa League and the pots they are placed in to emerge from the league stage.


Tottenham are back in the Europa League / DARREN STAPLES/GettyImages

There is still a long way to go until the 2024/25 Europa League kicks off. In the summer, teams will compete in three qualifying rounds and play-offs in an attempt to reach the league stage where 36 teams will be held.

Ajax and Braga are among the teams that will have to struggle in the qualifiers.

As it stands, nine teams have booked a place in the Europa League for 2024/25.

Tottenham they are back in the competition after finishing fifth in the Premier League and will be joined by either Manchester United or Chelsea depending on the outcome of the FA Cup final.

Good again Lyon they won in Ligue 1, when Porto again AZ advance in their home divisions. The Romans they are back, as they are Real Sociedad, The Athletic Club again Eintracht Frankfurt.

In total, 12 teams will enter based on their domestic performance in 2023/24, with the 12 winners and 11 losers entering the Champions League play-offs. The final place is awarded to the winners of the Europa Conference League.

The draw for the 2024/25 Europa League will be made after the play-offs are completed in August. It is scheduled for 29 August 2024 and will be held at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The change in format means that the draw will not decide which group each qualifying team will play in, but instead their eight opponents. Each team will be drawn against two teams in each pot, four games will be played at home and four away to combine the league stage.

Although several teams have qualified for the 2024/25 Europa League, not all of their pots have been placed in the order of the league’s standings.

Pot 1

The club

UEFA coefficient





Pot 2

The club

UEFA coefficient

Real Sociedad






Pot 3

The club

UEFA coefficient

The Athletic Club


Pot 4

The club

UEFA coefficient



Athletic Club v RCD Mallorca - La Liga

The 2024/25 Europa League final will be held in Bilbao / Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/GettyImages

The two teams will be left standing after progressing through the knockout stage according to their format and the 2024/25 Europa League champions will meet in Bilbao on 21 May 2025.

The newly renovated San Mames Athletic Club, which seats more than 50,000 people, will host the competition’s exhibition event.


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