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Consider Hockey Writers your go-to source for everything related to the NHL Draft and this page your live home page for information on the upcoming 2024 NHL Entry Draft.

Bookmark this page and check back often as it will be updated regularly the hockey version of Christmas. THW 2024 NHL Draft Guide your quintessential draft resource including:

  • It details the unique prospect profiles of all top prospects
  • A mock draft
  • Special rates
  • Group-specific requirements and assumptions
  • I’m looking forward to the 2024 NHL Draft and beyond

Sharks Win 2024 NHL Draft Lottery, Everyone Stays Standing

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2024 NHL Draft Rankings

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A mock draft

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Draft lottery

Guide to the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery
Sharks Win 2024 NHL Draft Lottery, Everyone Stays Standing

2024 NHL Draft- Prospect Profiles

Top 5 Hopefuls

Celebrini, Macklin
Demidov, Ivan
Dickinson, Sam
Helenius, Const
Lindstrom, Cayden
Silayev, Anton

Top 16 Hopefuls

Brandsegg-Nygård, Michael
Buium, Zeev
Catton, Berkly
Celebrini, Macklin
Connelly, Trevor
Demidov, Ivan
Dickinson, Sam
Eiserman, Cole
Greentree, Liam
Helenius, Const
England, Tij
Levhsunov, Artyom
Lindstrom, Cayden
Parekh, Zayne
Silayev, Anton
Yakemchuk, Carter


Artamonov, Nikita
Babenko, Matvei
Battaglia, Jacob
Young, Andrew
Beaudoin, Cole
Becher, Ondrej
Bednarik, Kamil
Berglund, Jack
Boisvert, Sacha
Brandsegg-Nygård, Michael
Catton, Berkly
Celebrini, Macklin
Chernyshov, Igor
Connelly, Trevor
Curran, Maximilian
Demidov, Ivan
Eiserman, Cole
Eriksson, Linus
Frasca, Gabriel
Greentree, Liam
Gridin, Matvei
Hage, Michael
He, Kevin
Helenius, Const
Hemming, Emil
Hodnett, Gavin
Wow, Tanner
Humphreys, Christian
England, Tij
Jecho, Adam
Josephson, Ollie
Koivu, Aatos
Letourneau, Dean
Lindstrom, Cayden
Luchanko, Jett
Come on, Maxim
Mateiko, Eriks
Miettin, Julius
Stop, Luke
Parascak, Terik
Patterson, Riley
Pettersson, Lucas
Pikkarinen, Kasper
Peter, Kaden
Procyszyn, Ethan
Ritchie, Ryder
Romani, Anthony
Sennecke, Beckett
Come on, Teddy
Surin, Yegor
Traff, Herman
Vanacker, Marek
Villeneuve, Nathan
Wetsch, Carson
Zetterberg, Alexander
Ziemer, Brodie

The protectors

Alcos, Parker
Badinka, Dominik
Buium, Zeev
Christopher, Anthony
Danford, Ben
Dickinson, Sam
Elick, Charlie
Emery, EJ
Fibigr, Jakub
Fischer, Lukas
Fransén, Noel
Freij, Alfons
Galvas, Thomas
Gill, Spencer
Hutson, Cole
Jiricek, Adam
Kiviharju, Aaron
Lavoie, Thomas
Levshunov, Artyom
Marelli, Frankie
Marelli, Luca
Mews, Henry
Muggli, Leon
Parekh, Zayne
Pulkkinen, Jesse
Roberts, Colton
Silayev, Anton
Skahan, Will
Smith, Taryn
Soini, Sebastian
Solberg, Stian
Ustinkov, Daniel
Vaisanen, Veeti
Yakemchuk, Carter


George, Carter
Kempf, Nicholas
Nabokov, Ilya
Saarinen, Kim
Vinnie, Emil

Top List 5/10

Top 5 NHL-Ready Prospects Available for the 2024 NHL Entry Draft

Position Positions

2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Centers
2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Left Wingers
2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Right Wingers
2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Defensemen
2024 NHL Draft: Top 10 Goals

League standards

Top 10 OHL prospects

NHL Draft Team Entry (Alphabetically)

Anaheim Ducks

Arizona Coyotes/NHL Utah

Boston Bruins

The Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

The Colorado Avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers

The Florida Panthers

Los Angeles Kings

Minnesota Wild

The Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

The Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

Seattle Kraken

Louis Blues

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Vancouver Canucks

Vegas Golden Knights

Washington Capitals

Winnipeg Jets

Features Player

Wrestling with Saginaw Spirit Defender Zayne Parekh
Macklin Celebrini’s Outstanding Draft Year Is One To Remember
Eligible NHL Players for the 2024 Memorial Games

World Junior Championship Coverage

World Junior Championships Best Players of All Time
Players to watch at the 2024 WJC
Guide to the 2024 World Junior Championship
World Junior Rosters for 2024 by NHL Team
Celebrini Clearly Atop 2024 Draft Class With WJC Performance

Looking Back at Old NHL Records

2023 NHL Draft Review

Draft Ratings for Each Team in the 2023 NHL Draft
Rating Every First Round 2023 Draft
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Previous Draft Guidelines

Forgotten Draft Picks

Where Are They Now?

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