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A shaft designer explains why club fit is so important

Proper club fitting is one of the best ways to ensure golfers get the most out of their golf game, but unlike driver position or grip size, finding the best driving machine requires head-to-head testing models to learn which one delivers the best performance.

In the latest episode of Golf games The Fully Equipped podcast, GOLF’s Jonathan Wall and True Spec Golf’s Kris McCormack sat down for an exclusive, in-studio interview with Alex Dee, veteran golf designer and founder of Aretera Golf. Before founding Aretera, Dee worked on Fujikura’s Ventus line, and during the interview, he explained the two new Aretera Alpha One profiles and what makes them different.

“With Alpha one, it’s a line of shafts offered in two profiles: blue and gray,” he said. “The difference between them is that the gray one has a 10 percent stronger tip section, and everything else from weight balance to torque is the same, which is meant to help ease installation. (This helps) in the integration process, because in many cases, it can be difficult to tell when (it goes between different shafts) what is causing that when it comes to results.”

Aretera Alpha One Blue Wood Shaft


Introducing the Aretera Alpha One Blue Wood Shaft: A combination of modern technology and precision engineering, this shaft is designed to elevate your golf game. Let’s examine its notable features: Alpha One Series Key Features: Green and Gray Model Family: The Alpha One Series simplifies the fitting process by introducing a single variable: tip stiffness. Tip Stiffness Difference: The Alpha One Gray boasts a tip stiffness that’s about 10% greater than the Alpha One Blue, while maintaining consistency in other variables. POWERGRID Weave: The structural integrity of the POWERGRID weave ensures that energy is evenly distributed, resulting in improved energy retention compared to conventional unidirectional carbon fiber. High Modulus Carbon Fabric: Using uniquely high modulus, tensile carbon fabric throughout the bias core, this shaft provides an unparalleled sense of connection and stability. Integrated Feel: Experience a more integrated feel that improves energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. Stability and performance: The Alpha One Blue Wood Shaft provides complete stability without compromising feel or performance. Improved Torsional Stability: POWERGRID technology allows design flexibility, improving feel without sacrificing stability in the butt and mid-sections of the shaft.

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“When it comes to profiles, we don’t want to define our shafts by ball profile because we see from our player testing that there can be such a difference based on shaft specs and how the golfer interacts (with the shaft).”

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Ryan Barath is GOLF Magazine and’s senior editor of equipment. He has an extensive fitness and club building background with over 20 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. Prior to joining the staff, he was the lead content strategist for Tour Experience Golf, Toronto, Canada.

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