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Adam Scott releases new custom Miura wheels with a special toe shape

Adam Scott enjoys testing new gear and is always willing to make last minute changes.

Scott started using a mixed set of Srixon tires during the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this year, and it seemed like he was very comfortable with them.

However, at the Charles Schwab Challenge, Scott arrived with a brand new Miura iron, missing the cut at the PGA Championship.

These new wheels are not the same as the Miura AS-1 custom wheels that Scott used in 2023.

Throughout his career, the 25-year PGA Tour veteran has primarily used classic blade irons, but in the past 12 months he has switched to more forgiving irons.

Scott’s new KM-700 irons are technically a one-piece forged design, but with a special heel and toe shape that increases forgiveness by moving the center of gravity to the heel of the club. In addition, the complex hollow design of the irons allows for the best combination of turf interaction and the area of ​​gravity.

The KM-700 irons aim to combine the modern sophistication of cavity-back irons with the look and feel of a traditional steel iron.

“Designed to bring the club head into the arena, this revolutionary design is made available only through Miura’s proprietary techniques in concert with the milling expertise of Miura Craftsmen,” Miura proudly states of the clubs.

“The endless search for perfection involved many head repetitions, all the while looking for the right weight distribution. The result is a club that will allow all golfers to get the most out of their game.

“Katsuhiro Miura is determined to do something beautiful and refined, to create something beautiful, with a high level of integrity.

“His patience and unique molding process ensure that the grain of the iron is correct and uniform, resulting in a feel unlike anything else. Miura feels. Every club is handcrafted, one by one, and touched by Miura-San or one of his two sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka.”

Miura called the red hanko mark on Scott’s new irons his “stamp of approval.”

Additionally, Scott’s own logo is featured on the back holes.

Scott’s management said that, despite the fact that the weights were new in his competition bag, he first received them from Miura’s headquarters in Japan last fall when he attended the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP last fall.

He also tried the KM-700 short irons briefly last year at the Wyndham Championship, but hasn’t continued with them on courses since.

This will change at Colonial as Scott looks to build on a season that saw him finish in the top 25 five times in ten events, his best result coming at the WM Phoenix Open where he finished tied for eighth.

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