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Al Horford became the oldest player to hit 7 threes in a playoff game

The Celtics dominate the Eastern Conference Finals when they face the Pacers, as they currently lead 3-0. The reasons for their success are many, as Jaylen Brown has been exceptional in the offensive zone, while Jrue Holiday has produced many of his steals.

However, another key player in Kristaps Porzingis’ absence is Al Horford, who just hit a three-pointer in Game 3 against Indiana. The center, in his 17th campaign and a week away from his 38th birthday, just became the oldest player in league history to make the most shots beyond the arc in a playoff contest.

Boston, one win away from its second NBA Finals appearance in the last three seasons, came back from an 18-point deficit on Saturday. After Horford’s good showing, even Jayson Tatum offered high praise for his teammate.

“We always talk about spaces, we make sure we are in the right places. I trusted him that he would be there, he hoped that I would study well,” said the striker about his connection with his criminal. “That was one hell of a shot he made.”

Prior to this Saturday, Al had made 6 home runs in one game six times before, as the veteran has played in 1,257 games throughout his career. He scored six against the Cavaliers in a close two-week contest, and another six against the Warriors in Game 1 of the 2022 Finals.

“Anything he does, whether it’s his leadership, his presence, his shooting, protecting the rim – he’s the guy that keeps us together,” Tatum continued of Horford, who finished the game with 23 points, three blocks and one steal.

Believe it or not, the Celtics center made more shots than the entire Pacers squad in Game 3. “I’m very blessed to be in this place, to be able to play at this level, to be a part of a team like the Celtics,” said Horford. “I make sure I do everything I can to contribute to the team. This position I’m in right now, it’s very different. I am very grateful for it.”

Jrue Holiday Delivers Last Second Steal to Snap Game 3 Victory vs. The Pacers

Just when everyone thought the Pacers would win Game 3 against the Celtics, Jrue Holiday helped out with one of his steals. The guard took away his opponent Andrew Nembhard, as they were in a quick transition. The former Bucks player stopped Indiana’s attempt to catch and the score ended up in his team’s favor.

With Boston leading the series 3-0, Al Horford called Jrue’s performance “unbelievable” twice. “Man, that was unbelievable. That was an unbelievable game,” he said after the game. “Such a person, who comes at a high speed, has the sense to do that. He’s right, you know, his instincts – he’s just a winner. In the end, that’s what it comes down to.”

The play happened with less than 10 seconds left at the final buzzer, as Nembhard went down hard, only to meet Holiday on the way to the arc. Then, with one swipe, the Celtics player took the ball.

“I think I just made a play,” the veteran recalled. “I feel like he’s a right-handed driver and he was aggressive all night. Good player, had a good game. But just make a game. I crossed his right hand and stole it.”

His opponent said: “He came before me,” Nembhard told the media. “I lost the ball, I slipped, I turned.”

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