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Austin Brooks, with a new promoter, looks set to step up against Aram Avagyan

by Francisco Salazar |

Austin Brooks will face Aram Avagyan on Saturday night at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington. The 10-round fight will headline a six-punch Toro Promotions card that will be streamed live on the Toro Promotions YouTube page (10 pm ET/ 7 pm PT).

In his last fight on February 10, Brooks (12-0, 4 knockouts), a native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and now a resident of the San Diego area of ​​La Mesa, knocked out Jose Izaguirre in the seventh round. a clash between undefeated junior lightweight prospects. In his last fight on August 26, Brooks stopped Anthony Chavez in the sixth round.

Brooks has stopped his last three opponents, but will face a tough challenge from the unbeaten Avagyan (11-1-2, 5 KOs), who was born in Armenia and now lives in Burbank, California. On paper, Avagyan is a stepping stone opponent, one Brooks doesn’t look past.

“I’m not ignoring him,” Brooks told The Ring on Wednesday night. “He’s a good fighter with a solid background and has faced good opponents. I see all my opponents as tough guys who have the ability to beat me. I bring my A game and take this as another fight, but ignore him. This win could put me in the rankings, so I’m grateful for the opportunity I have.”

Southpaw Brooks recently signed a promotional contract with Toro Promotions, based out of the Los Angeles area. After fighting a few times on Top Rank cards and on a MarvNation Promotions card, Brooks thought the right fit was to sign with Toro Promotions.

“They seem to agree with my vision,” said Brooks, who is owned by Sheer Sports and coached by Basheer Abdullah. “They treated me well and sent me back. Some promoters didn’t seem very interested (in me) or seemed to want to use me. I know that Toro Promotions (owned by Azat Torosyan) wants the best for me and I can become a world champion with them.

“Fighting on Top Rank cards was good, but I don’t want to be inactive. I don’t want to be on the shelf. I want to work.”

The 28-year-old benefited from the workouts he got at gyms in Southern California. Brooks came up against lightweight contender Raymond Muratalla and junior lightweight and fellow San Diego native Kyle Erwin.

Brooks is proud of amassing an undefeated record, but wonders how some fighters have gotten opportunities before him, especially those he believes don’t have the same skills as him.

“I realize that other players get opportunities if they are less successful than what I did,” said Brooks. “I am not jealous. I believe I am a better fighter, or at least on the same level as these fighters. I believe that I deserve the respect of a fighter who is considered to have faced 130 pounds. I know I may not have a great career, or that many battles, but I think God has a plan for me. He is leading me and I have to trust this program and what he has planned down the road.”

Brooks found God in recent years after going through a rough patch in his adult life. From his childhood and teenage years, including living in foster homes and a car.

Although his personal life has strengthened his mental strength, Brooks wants to achieve success with his accomplishments in the ring.

“Trials and tribulations have made me the person I am today. I don’t dwell too much on my past. I live in the moment and am very motivated by what I need to do to be successful. I believe in my ability and my abilities. I look at boxing as a way out (of a difficult life). Success in sports is learning sports and I am a student of the game.”

Brooks is confident that he can be successful and become a formidable boxer in the years to come. He believes that work will be his partner, and with Toro Promotions, the programs will not slow him down.

“I wasn’t moving as much as I thought. There were many things that were bothering me. Some personal problems got me up.

“It’s important to stay busy. My head is in the right place now and I stay sharp and focused. Toro Promotions will keep me busy. I have prepared the next one for you.”

Francisco A. Salazar has written for The Ring since October 2013 and has handled boxing in Southern California and internationally since 2000. Francisco also covers boxing for the Ventura County (California) Star newspaper. They can be reached at [email protected]

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