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Bill Haney On Ryan Garcia’s PED Scandal: “We Have To Pay Attention To This”

Devin Haney’s father/trainer, Bill Haney, is still on the mend over Ryan Garcia’s positive test for the PED, Ostarine, in his victory last April in Brooklyn.

Bill wants everyone to know about Ryan’s test because he feels his actions are hurting the sport. Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) handled WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-1, 15 KOs), knocking him down three times in a twelve round majority decision.

Papa Haney’s attempts to whitewash Devin’s loss by constantly talking about Ryan Garcia’s positive PED tests failed spectacularly to change the boxing public’s opinion on social media.

It was used against Haney, as the crowd rallied around Ryan and watched as Bill kept talking about his positive reviews as a campaign to clean up his record and keep him on track to become a PPV star.

Unfortunately for Bill, fans continue to view Devin’s defeat as a matter of Ryan being too strong and fast for him. It doesn’t matter what Bill says about PED tests; fans can’t forget what they saw on a night when Haney was knocked down seven times and the referee saved Dev in the seventh round by counting one strike and giving Ryan a point deduction without warning.

“We must pay attention to this. This takes boxing back to the horse and buggy days,” said Bill Haney to Fight Hub TV, referring to Ryan Garcia’s positive PED Ostarine test last April after knocking out Devin Haney.

If Bill wants to change the boxing public’s perception of Devin, he needs to work on arranging a rematch with Ryan and allow his son to avenge the loss. It won’t work for Bill to make fans believe that Ryan is a drug addict and that his victory over Devin was 100% the result of his positive Ostarine test.

The way Ryan fought that night, he probably would have done the same thing even if he had been tested clean. Haney’s bad habit of overexerting himself worked against him, as he was in the line of fire for Ryan’s bread and butter punch, his short left hook.

Haney should have known that going into the fight, he wouldn’t be able to use his unstoppable hold against Ryan because it would put him in the middle of his left hook. That was his fault.

“The world will see that we are not moving after this cheating scandal. Ryan didn’t show that he wanted to respect the game. There were many telltale signs,” said Bill.

“We ignore them for the betterment of sports to continue pushing it forward. To come back hot [positive for Ostarine], that was not necessary. He does a lot of things that are an example of someone who is not serious about this game,” said Bill.

If Bill knew anything about the fans, he would stop making a big deal about Ryan’s positive PED test and focus on trying to schedule a rematch with him because that is Haney’s ONLY chance to change people’s minds.

Bill can’t change anything by arguing about Ryan’s PED test because the fans ignore him. They watched this fight, and they didn’t listen to Bill standing on his soap box giving speeches, trying to change people’s opinions. That is a useless strategy.

“Whoever he is going to fight will be clean, I will see that,” said Bill when asked if his son, Devin, will defend his WBC light welterweight title against Sandor Martin, which is mandatory. . “I will make sure that you enter with clean athletes from here on out.”

Interestingly, Bill isn’t willing to say that Devin will defend his WBC title against Sandor Martin next, which means he’s considering walking around that fight for some reason.

Bill can only do that by having Devin vacate his WBC title or pay Sandor a step aside. It might be better for Haney to avoid Sandor because he might lose that fight, and if that happens, his popularity, as it is, will drop to the point where he’ll be back where he can’t sell. his fights on PPV.

I don’t know if Haney can beat Sandor Martin because the Spaniard has a tricky right hook that put Teofimo Lopez down twice in their fight in 2022, and he beat him. If Sandor can put Teofimo down twice, what can he do to Haney?

“Whenever there is punishment, there is guilt. “We’ll deal with that when the time comes, but right now, you’re guilty, guilty, guilty, and you’re going to feel it,” Bill said when asked what punishment Ryan Garcia will receive for his positive PED test.

It is possible that Ryan will receive a temporary ban from the New York Commission and will return to the ring in December or early 2025. This won’t hurt his career because he won the fight against Haney and looks like gold.

“There were more excuses than Confucius. I’m tired of hearing it. You’ll feel it, sure,” Bill said of Ryan.

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