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Bill Haney Seeks Justice Before Ryan Garcia Rehearsal

Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, says they will not begin rematch talks with Ryan Garcia until his PED issue is addressed and Devin’s record has changed since his loss last April.

Decreasing the Haney ratio

Devin Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) is in no strong position to call out Ryan Garcia, especially after today’s news of Top Rank’s bid to be the sole bidder for the mandatory WBC fight against Sandor Martin.

Today’s low fund bid suggests that Haney’s market value has dropped since his loss to Ryan, making Bill’s demands absurd. It’s important that Bill doesn’t upset Ryan because he’s Devin’s best chance for another big pay day.

Haney’s popularity has declined since his loss to Ryan, and the boxing community has been unsympathetic to Bill’s attempts to gloss over what happened by blaming his defeat on Kingry’s positive PED test.

“Bill Haney tells ESPN that he is not participating in any fight negotiations until [Ryan] “Garcia’s drug case is being adjudicated and Haney’s record is being corrected,” Mike Coppinger told X.

Lone High Level Bid and Hearn’s disinterest

Top Rank won with a bid of $2.42 million, and Devin will receive $1,524,600 of that amount. That’s a low number compared to what Haney earned in his fight with Ryan Garcia last April, and it shows just how bad things are for him.

Haney’s situation will not improve after his title defense against Sandor Martin. None of the other top 140 fighters will give Haney the payday he got in his fight with Ryan and the opportunities he will throw at the best fighters in the division.

If Haney moves up to 147, he will be forced to fight tough opposition and will lose the size he enjoyed at 140. Haney will be big fish food at welterweight, and his career will sink quickly.

“We don’t have a contract with Devin. It is not an attractive battle; it wasn’t a war DAZN was promoting or had some value. Devin is a free agent and has his own promotion company,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to Ariel Helwani on X, discussing why Matchroom didn’t ask Devin Haney to defend the WBC title, which Sandor Martin had recommended he take next. .

You know things were bad for Haney when his former promoter, Eddie Hearn, wanted nothing to do with him bidding in the Sandor Martin fight. Haney must feel abandoned right now, and Bill isn’t helping him by setting the conditions for Ryan to meet.

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