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Cordina Moves To Lightweight After Devastating Loss To Cacace

Joe Cordina will move up to lightweight after losing to his IBF super featherweight opponent Anthony Cacace by knockout in the eighth round on Saturday night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn revealed today that Cordina (17-1, 9 KOs) is moving up to 135 because it is difficult for him to make 130.

Cacace’s Relentless Attack Skips Cordina

Cordina, 32, was beaten by Cacace from Ireland (22-1, 8 KOs), who is not known for his strength, but he was throwing angles, and he did not agree if he injured him in the match. the third time.

Hearn points out that the 35-year-old southpaw, Cacace, injured Cordina when he hit him during the break in the third round and never recovered, and continued to hurt him with shots.

It seems that Cordina was convicted more because he couldn’t withstand Cacace’s attacks more than anything else, as he was relentless with the punches he threw. The angles from which Cacace was throwing his shots also gave Cordina problems.

Previous Fight Raises Concerns Over Cordina’s Stay

What Hearn didn’t mention was that Cordina was heavily punished in his previous fight with Edward Vazquez last November, winning a controversial 12-round decision.

Many boxing fans thought that Vazquez deserved the win, as he beat Cordina in almost every round of the fight. Cordina’s punishment of Vazquez may have had a negative effect on his fight with Cacace, causing him to be affected by his shot.

No Repetition as Cacace Faces the Necessary Challenge

“There is no rematch because the winner must fight which is mandatory [Eduardo] ‘Sugar’ Nunez, our boy. That’s a good fight,” said promoter Eddie Hearn on Matchroom Boxing when asked if there is a stage for the rematch of last Saturday’s fight between IBF super featherweight champion Joe Cordina and Anthony Cacace.

“To Joe [Cordina], the difficulty of staying at 130 was how long you could stay there. Now that he lost that, he will move up to 135, and congratulations to Cacace. It was a great, strong performance from him.”

It may be bad for Cordina to move up to lightweight because he has trouble taking punches at super featherweight, it will be worse for him competing at 135, where they hit harder and have more talent.

“He hates to say it after that, but he beat Cordina after the break [in round three], and Cordina never really recovered, but Cacace kept hurting her. Although that didn’t help, Cacace still played well and rose from that momentum and really beat Joe there,” said Hearn.

“I think Joe will feel it’s time to move to 135 now,” Hearn said.

Cordina’s Uncertain Future at Lightweight

Hopefully, Hearn is under no illusion that the reason Cordina lost to Cacace was because he knocked him out in the third round. That’s why he lost. Cordina had problems before that, and it only got worse as the cycles went on.

I feel that Cordina will do well at lightweight and will soon become one of the regular contenders in the division. He will be another type of Maxi Hughes, who will struggle against good lightweights.

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