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Corner Report: Learning Process

I didn’t know there was a save button.

To backtrack, I’m on too many platforms. I joined TGFBI on the NFBC site, my home leagues are on Yahoo, my genealogy is on Fantrax, and I joined a random one on ESPN. I’m not here to criticize any site; the problem is having too many different platforms to try to manage.

A perfect example is my tragic TGFBI team. I’m up against some industry giants, including our own Gray, Yahoo’s Dalton Del Don, CBS’ Scott White, and a few others you may know. Any mistake when you make a league with these guys will increase and drop you down the rankings.

Of course, 6 of my 10 picks started in IL in the first month. That’s right, that’s why God created FAAB on Sunday night. I carefully selected my league-winning pickups, took the perfect amount, and didn’t win a single one of them. My team peaked in the third overall and is now comfortably in the bottom third. Why didn’t I win anything?

However, after clicking the buttons, you must click the save bids icon at the top of the page. That’s dumb, but it’s also the kind of thing that happens when you try a new platform. It’s much easier if the app is second, but I’m getting better and I’m back in the last place. My season is kind of a wash, but as a first-time participant and in such a stacked league, I will improve and come back stronger next season.

Similarly, and in an unfortunate twist, you learn a ton every baseball season. The levels are hard and everyone makes mistakes. Bunt Singles and I are straight shooters and we will tell you where we went wrong. Accountability. Let’s go.

First base:

Kelder Fire!!!!!

Bryce Harper: Preseason ranked 1, actual ranking 2. And if you think Alec Bohm is going to regress, Harper is clearly the No. 1 guy for the rest of the season here. I won’t object if you have 2 or 3, but it’s good to call here.


Andrew Vaughn at 13 he has not grown up yet. I bought into the pedigree and the weird growth curve the guy has had in his career, and I forgot he was on the White Sox when baseball talent withers on the vine. He didn’t end up sniffing the top 20, you can multiply 20 by 2 and not get Vaughn until spot 43. I’m not saying he won’t, but I’m completely out of Vaughn for a long time. .

It’s not that important: Fire Cellar!

This is what I wrote about Josh Naylor while ranking him 18th:

“The problem is, look, with guys like Naylor, his team doesn’t think he can hit lefties even though the stats say otherwise (.299 average).”

Good process, here. I had to look at the guard list, see the lack of power on it, see the need for Naylor, see the production, put him higher. I’m glad to see him maintain his productivity with a full-time job. Now he’s slowing down, well he’s slowing down, but I think it’s a cold flu and a hot streak is just around the corner.

7 days ago 6 27 21 2 3 1 4 1 0 4 5 14.8 18.5 0.095 0.269 0.238 0.507 0.063 7.4
Last 30 days 27 113 98 20 14 8 21 3 0 12 18 10.6 15.9 0.204 0.304 0.490 0.793 0.164

I mean, if you never buy on a breakout, you miss out on every single one and it’s not as exciting.

The Third Principle:

It’s not that important:

Elly De La Cruz again Gunnar Henderson

This is where my “lost cry for fear of failure” comes in. No, I have no fear of failure. I fail so often, it’s second nature to me. My mother called me “real lazy” and a “failure of a son,” so it’s just a way of life.

Here are a few words of wisdom from my first levels (which I update in 2 weeks, anyway)

“Throws and misses were real but they can’t be fixed. If so, we have a perennial first rounder on our hands. Otherwise, they can actually be sent to children. I’ll see how this season goes, but let someone else take over.”

Ten points if you guessed that’s Elly De La Cruz! Some Yahoo writer on my TGFBI took him to second and he’s winning my league. And Gunnar Henderson, I wrote the same:

“I like the pedigree guy especially, but the risk to me makes him not think where he is drafted.”

Duh. If a boy is good at royalty, he is probably good. Crack analysis, here. If you draft these two guys, you have a 1-2 ranked 3b in the game. Let’s take a look at HOW CUTE AND FUNNY THESE NEW GUYS ARE:

Here is Elly

The season 47 193 168 43 35 9 22 30 5 22 63 11.4 32.6 0.256 0.352 0.476 0.828 0.354 49.9
ROS Proj 102 429 383 93 59 17 53 37 10 38 131 8.9 30.6 0.243 0.315 0.451 0.766 0.320 33.2

The batting average was only .232 last month, but you don’t go against 30 steals and 9 HR. Clear the first number in both 3B and SS

Gunnar on the other hand has everything you would look for in a baseball player. Newness, superiority, and efficiency are all good. The team spirit is as good as you could ask for. Second baseman last year as well. I’m not including guesses because I like mine: 275 with 100+ R and RBI and 35 HR. She’s the breakout I’m chasing, even more than Elly.

It’s not that important:

Alec Bohm

“Okay, he’s a good middle infielder with a little power and around 80 R and RBI. He’s not a bad option in the corners, and he’s good at first base as well.” I’m the one who quotes me as ranking Bohm 17th in this position. But what if this is true? What if his superior lineage finally shows up in X Man 97 form? At this point, he should be top 5 for the rest of the season. HR is down (2 in last 30 days) but his hitting is not. Bohm is a hitter with a great contact rate (92 percent K rate) and if he continues to do so he will be at the top of his game.

Some Quick Hitters as we go:

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., broski is hitting .333 with a .405 OBP over the past 30 days. Power is coming. Hold on. Hold on. HOLD ON!!!

Matt Olson this seems to be one of his middle hitting years. Last year was really high for him; he’s like a guy with .250 talent, but sometimes he slides around .230. The vibes are weird in Atlanta right now too. If someone likes him, I will treat him. Not because of the soft shell tortilla we fed our stray cat named Jose, but I was going to look to see what I could find. I think .240 with 30 HR is better than .290 with 50.

Michael Garcia he’s probably a steal from guys who hit over .300 last month. You are more important than I first thought if this sticks. I was going to get him ASAP, in the end I looked at him to be about 84%. Maybe, just maybe, this is your lucky day.

Ryan McMahon it’s probably bubbly and worth a shot to see if it (eventually) sticks (probably not but you’re hot right now). .306 with 7 HR on the season for the cautious Rockies.

I talked about it Matt Chapmanbat speed last week, and I think he’s not completely washed up. You’re just streaky. Well, last week he hit .529. This boy can carry you for a month; find him.

Michael Busch averaged 40% K over the last 5 weeks. Maybe a drop off if you can find a broadcaster. The Cubs list is amazingly bad as well and I apologize for canceling his 5 random HR series.

Anthony Rizzo he has 6 HR in the last month and is past his prime a bit. I’m in as part of a larger list, you will continue to produce. I would buy higher.

Don’t sweat it Cody Bellinger‘he’s on the low side as he’s back from running into a brick wall. His hitting stats, R’s and RBI’s, are bad because his lineup was hitless. He is a great player and I would see if I got a frustrated owner. Cubs don’t steal bases, though, so it’s kind of tight there, but Cody’s no chick.

There, I was not happy with my last article. I hope I got you this time! Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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