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Scott: Cleveland continued to tell teams they weren’t trying to move Darius Garland again Jarrett Allenleague sources told HoopsHype. Koby Altman you talked about plus/minus ratios with those guys. They still think Darius is an All-Star-caliber player. He is young and under contract for the next four years. They would really have to move him.

Allen, while I understand they want to keep him, I think he’s an interesting person. They should see that Evan Mobley it will be a long four or five. They made Mobley a franchise cornerstone above Allen in the order.

There was talk that Cleveland might be interested Brandon Ingram, but I got the sense from talking to league sources that Cleveland doesn’t like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrading him and having to pay him a ton of money after his contract season. I’m sure New Orleans is looking at Garland and letting him know if they’re going to part ways with Ingram, but I’m not sure that would be a good fit (for Cleveland) based on the intel I have.

Fedor: I think they would have to be blown away to consider that (moving Garland and Allen) on both sides. They’ve gotten Allen offers in the past. Teams have been circling Allen for the past few years. There was interest in Garland. I think there are teams that make sense for Darius to use him. San Antonio comes to mind for sure, but if they won’t give up on the Cavaliers Victor Wembanyama or Devin VassellWhat will the Spurs give the Cavaliers that Cleveland would be willing to accept?

Scott: I also hear San Antonio on your point because they need a real young guard to go along with Black going forward. Could Cleveland be interested in the No. 1 overall pick? 4 and 8 in this draft? I don’t think that’s a step if you’re trying to win now, but I’ll answer the question your way.

Fedor: Only if Cleveland feels like there’s a way – because when it comes to trade, it’s not the move itself. The next move after playing a chess game. What can they do with those goods after that? If the Cavaliers feel like they’ve been picked No. 4 and 8 might be changed and turn it into something more valuable and rearrange their list, then I think they would consider that. I don’t know if there’s that one star player out there that fits Cleveland’s timeline and fits the current roster build using the No. 1 pick. 4 and 8. I think if they were to move those guys, they would want more players who are winning now and better suited around them Donovan Mitchell again Evan Mobley.

The Cavaliers haven’t had a season where they could consider it a failure. They were one of the eight teams that made it to the semi-finals. It’s not a situation where they came out of the playoffs as they were facing the Knicks, where it was clear that they had to make drastic changes to the roster and improve it.

The front office likes the scheme and believes in the core four of Mitchell, Garland, Mobley, and Allen, and they don’t feel like they need to separate those guys.

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