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Don’t Be Fooled – Oleksandr Usyk Will Have His Hands Full In Atyson Fury Rematch

Written by: Sean Crose

Could Tyson Fury win a rematch against newly crowned heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk? Why yes, yes he can. Although there is no doubt that Syk hit Fury when they fought last Saturday in Saudi Arabia, there is no doubt that Syk hit himself. Check out the latest photo Usyk posted on social media. He certainly doesn’t look like someone who won the battle – even though he clearly did. The image speaks volumes about what a warrior Usyk is – but it speaks volumes about what a warrior Fury is, too.

It’s easy to forget that Fury was in control of Saturday’s fight heading into the eighth round. It wasn’t until Usyk handled Fury well in that chapter that things turned around for the Ukrainian. Indeed, Fury has repeatedly insulted Usyk in the first half of the game. All this brings us to the point that Chris Algieri was once respected in the world Pro Box TV after the fight last weekend – which if usky hadn’t managed to hurt Fury in the fight, they would have ended up very differently.

Knowing that there is a replay clause in play, and knowing that Fury will likely activate it, that Usyk will be able to hurt Fury a second time? And if a man can’t hurt her, then what? While some feel that the winner of the first fight will likely have an easier time in the second round, Muhammad Ali has proven time and time again that this is not the case. The question is not whether Fury can win a rematch with Usyk, but will he succeed? As long as the replay is successful, it’s a challenging call for anyone to make.

Obviously the edge will have to go to Usyk, and – he’s already beaten Fury. Like it or not, such things are important, both psychologically, and in preparation for the repetition. That being said, Fury came in leaning (on Fury) for the first time. Maybe he will support Usyk again in the future and try to beat him, as he successfully beat Deontay Wilder. Or maybe Fury will be more thoughtful in the rematch, and train himself to just stay away from Usyk while he lands his jab. Or maybe Fury will use a brand new strategy.

One thing is for sure – Usyk will enter the ring well prepared for the fight of his life, just like he did the first time – something Fury will notice.

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