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Draymond Green Explains Why Kobe Was Left Out of the Goat Talk

The debate over who is the greatest NBA player of all time continues, but Kobe Bryant is often left out of the conversation and Draymond Green knows why.

Green revealed why people like to leave the Lakers legend out of the GOAT conversation on a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq.

“That’s why I think there is none [in the conversation],” Green told Shaq. “Because, number one, he made fun of you and people picked up on that. Second, I think Kobe fell at a strange time. And what I mean by that is Mike [Jordan] left the league. When Mike left the league, you all dominated. Then he left the Lakers. When you left the Lakers, they had a rough couple of years, it wasn’t good.

“They didn’t have a very good lineup. Rudy Tomjanovich, that was an epic fail like it was just not good. And when it wasn’t going well, there was a guy in Cleveland who started making his own lawn. So, in the years when Kobe was dominant, he was coming from a numbers perspective, he wasn’t winning. So at that age, LeBron [James] he made his hay and began to make his name as the best player. “

The four-time Warriors champion went on to explain that he thinks LeBron James started his historic run before Kobe had a chance to establish himself as one of the best players in the league.

“And I think that the time when it was agreed that Kobe was the first in the league, as a front man, I don’t think it was long enough for everyone to say to include him in that conversation, because then Bron. came and put his name in the conversation,” continued Green.

“And so I don’t think he gathered enough people to say that he ruled the way Mike ruled during the time Mike ruled, Bron for the length of time he ruled. I don’t think Kobe dominated at that time. And I think that’s why people don’t include him in the conversation.”

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