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Dustin Wolf is the No. 1 goalie in Calgary Now

Flames Offer Dustin Wolf First Place as Jacob Markstrom is Traded

TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter to discuss the trade of Jacob Markstrom to New Jersey but analyzed how the Calgary Flames gave Dustin Wolf the reigns as the starting goaltender.

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Jay Onrait: “And then we start the show with our Director of Scouting Craig Buttons. We will talk about this agreement. And Craig at the deadline talked about the possibility of Markstram possibly going to the Devils. At the time, you had your doubts about the Flames turning the starting goaltending job over to Dustin Wolf for good. So, four months later, how did you feel about trading on Wednesday?”

NHL Trade: Calgary Flames Finally Send Jacob Markstrom to New Jersey Devils

Craig Button: “Yeah, under good circumstances, I think Dustin Wolf would have really benefited from playing behind Jacob Markstrom. I saw what happened in New York, with Igor Shesterkin benefiting from playing behind Henrik Lundqvist and I thought that the same situation would be really beneficial not only for Dustin Wolf but also for the Calgary Flames.

But the truth of the matter is, a good situation has not been evident for the Calgary Flames, and when you look at a player with a complete no-movement clause, that is where he really wants to go. great determination.

Craig Conroy, there was a lot of talk about other teams that might be interested in Jacob Markstrom but you just heard Jacob talking, something that makes the Calgary Flames comfortable and I think that getting a big solid defender in Kevin Bahl is something. He’s a regular player, he’s a tough player to play with. A first-round pick in 2025 becomes a factor. But now, the future of the net is being established.

NHL Trade: Calgary Flames Finally Send Jacob Markstrom to New Jersey Devils

That future is Dustin Wolf, and sure enough, Dustin Wolf has done everything you could ask a goaltender to do in the lower levels of the NHL. His chance now comes with the Calgary Flames at the NHL level.”

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