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First Second Cookie Shop: June 17-23

Folks, this week’s selection of the first two pitchers is something it’s bad. I’m sure there will be a number of quality performances during the week, but there is one guy that I think anyone is actually excited to start using this week. It’s definitely not a week where you want to call quits to collect more starts if you don’t have to at all. It might be more forgivable in points leagues, but that’s always the case. However, in roto leagues, Oatmeal Raisins seem to be more likely to lead to cracked teeth (damaged scales) than to provide chewy, tasty results.

Aside from the disappointing-to-bad choices, there’s also a lot of uncertainty about who will be starting all of them. I’m not sure why, but Streamonator seems to think there will be more starting points or fixed rotations than usual. I’ve tried my best to sort through what the teams have announced and respond to recent drop-offs. However, be aware that things may look different across the league on Sunday night or Monday morning. The good news, if you want to call it that, is that it seems set mostly hit pitchers and teams you’d rather avoid anyway.

The following are our guesses at the time of writing as to who will start the two games this week, but the weather, injuries, and secret team management mean they are just that: guesses. To stay as up-to-date as possible, consult Rudy Gamble’s invaluable Streamonator.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (A Must-Start)

They are the kings of the cookie world for a reason. A warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie makes you feel good. It’s kind of like setting your rosters you know you’re getting two this week from these guys.

It’s a jar The beginning of the beginning The Second Beginning
Paul Skenes, Pit CIN TB
  • The one, only, prize of the week. If you are the person on your team who has one, congratulations! If you’re not…sorry.

Sugar Cookies (Must Start)

They went well. You could certainly do a lot worse than having these guys on your list, but don’t expect it to be spectacular.

It’s a jar The beginning of the beginning The Second Beginning
Pablo Lopez, Min TB @Ok
Sonny Gray, StL @MIA SF
Yusei Kikuchi, Tor The BOS @CLE
Michael King, SD @PHI The MIL
John Gray, Tex NYM KC
Christopher Sanchez, Phi SD ARI
Ronel Blanco, Hou @CHW BAL
Bryce Miller, Sea @CLE @MIA
Aaron Civale, TB @MIN @PIT
  • Pablo’s latest outing has at least given some level of hope to those who were more frustrated than last season. All the metrics show it should continue to improve, and that start in Oakland especially gives reason for hope.
  • Blanco will never stop working and shine to start the season. The comparison against the White Sox, though? Yes, please!
  • Miller is the highest profile guy Streamonator doesn’t have on the roster making two starts. But considering Emerson Hancock was demoted to AAA on Friday, I’m sure he won’t be starting the week. One thinks Miller will take that spot.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Can Start)

This is not for everyone. These are the jars that can be a happy surprise, or they can ruin your church. Step slowly.

It’s a jar The beginning of the beginning The Second Beginning
Nick Pivetta, Bos @TOR @CIN
Jake Irvin, Wsh ARI @COL
Braxton Garrett, Mia STL THE SEA
Reese Olson, Det @ATL CHW
Triston McKenzie, Cle THE SEA TOR
Jordan Hicks, SF @CHC @STL
Albert Suarez, Bal @NYY @HOU
  • I rate Irvin slightly higher than Streamonator this week. The comparison is bad and the numbers below don’t really support what he was doing, I see. But he’s been doing it all season too and I’m determined to roll the dice this week. If you’re not, I can’t blame you. Hence his placement at this level.
  • Olson, on the other hand, I am significantly lower than Streamonator, making him the fourth best pick of the week. I was there a few weeks ago. His recent outings have been worse, however. The matchups are surprisingly good, at least compared to what we expected in Atlanta, so maybe these two opposing picks leave the egg on my face. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Fortune Cookies (Don’t Start)

Yes, they are technically cookies. Hold on, what does that little piece of paper say? “Bad times pass.” Oh. Oh well.

It’s a jar The beginning of the beginning The Second Beginning
Cody Poteet, NYY BAL ATL
David Peterson, NYM @TEX @CHC
Javier Assad, ChC SF NYM
Randy Vasquez, SD @PHI The MIL
Jonathan Cannon, ChW HOU @DET
Hogan Harris, Oak KC MIN
Tobias Myers, MIL @LAA @SD
Alec Marsh, KC @OK @TEX
Carlos Rodriguez, MIL @LAA @SD
Cal Quantrill, Col LAD WSH
Carson Spiers, Cin @PIT The BOS
Austin Gomber, Col LAD WSH
Slade Cecconi, Ari @WSH @PHI
  • Remember when Assad worked earlier this season? I miss that. Alas.

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