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Former NBA referee describes Chris Paul as ‘one of the biggest a-holes’

As we get deeper into the playoffs, details become more important, and with this, players, coaches and referees are held to a higher standard. So if any of them fail, the complaints are louder than ever. Many of those allegations have centered on officials, and in recent years Scott Foster has been at the top of that list.

However, the infamous executive has had his share of protests against many athletes, including Chris Paul, with whom he shares a long history of court disputes. In a recent interview, former NBA executive Bill Spooner defended Foster and blamed CP3 for their feud.

“I’ll tell you, and I know you’re recording me, but I’m always asked: ‘Who are some of the tough guys, some of the bad guys?’ And when I tell them that Chris Paul, in my 32 years in the league, was one of the biggest holes I’ve ever faced, they say, ‘Not Rasheed Wallace … or da-da-da?’ No. There is nothing like (Paul),” he said. “And they’re like, ‘Oh, he seems like such a nice guy.’ And I say, ‘Yeah, you’re a great photographer.'”

Paul is a player who is always full of surprises. Even in his final years as a professional, he accepted a trade with Golden State, a team that was one of his fiercest rivals during his long career. Today, the 39-year-old is one of the oldest NBA players in the league, and he can’t help but think about his future outside the basketball courts.

In a recent interview no Forbesthe future Hall of Famer spilled the beans on his desire to own an NBA franchise one day, but for now he still wishes to remain an athlete for as long as possible.

During an interview with CP3, he admitted that he would like to be a part of his hometown team. “Of course Charlotte is at home, but I’m free. Especially if there’s an extension or something like that, I’m really open,” said the veteran.

“I have been involved in the league for a very long time, in all aspects of it,” he added. “Just knowing the game, understanding the GMs, the relationship with the players, all the different departments, that’s one of my goals. I want to have a team.”

Former NBA executive Tim Donaghy wants to reconcile with teammate Scott Foster after gambling scandal

Before Tim Donaghy was arrested in the summer of 2007 for his role in the infamous gambling scandal that shook the NBA forever, he had a close relationship with referee Scott Foster. Their relationship has reached the point where they are both godfathers to each other.

Still, they haven’t spoken in more than 15 years, since Donaghy was fired. The former official hopes to one day reunite with Foster, but knows this won’t happen until the referee retires from professional basketball.

“I hope that when Scott comes out, we will talk. And I can apologize to him. You never know; maybe that friendship can be separated and reunited. “I’m not sure,” Donaghy said.

After an investigation that marked the history of the NBA, Foster once remembered their previous relationship. “That’s how we communicated in 2007,” he said. “Today, when people hear someone calling someone 134 times, it’s like, ‘Wow! That’s strange.’ Because it’s weird, I didn’t have a text message in 2007. I had a Motorola Razr, which, if you wanted to text ‘Yes’ to a text message, it was 23 keystrokes or something crazy like that.”

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