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Frank Warren: ‘5 vs. 5 winning was one of my best things’

PERHAPS over the years, even in the toughest and most brutal sports industry, you are slowly getting older. Staring at enemies across the trenches is becoming a thing of the past. You understand them, you like them, maybe you even appreciate them.

Right now, life is looking good for Frank Warren, who is no doubt doing more than roaring after knocking out rival Eddie Hearn in Riyadh. Not only did his choice of fights win over the Matchroom team, but he put them off in such a way that it was suggested by the current King of Boxing, His Highness, that Eddie should consider retirement.

Standing next to Hearn in the center ring at three o’clock in the morning, Frank smiled that he would never let someone off the hook that easily. Hungry for more, where does five wins against five rank among decades of success?

“One of my best things,” Warren said Debate News recently. “It’s a new concept and it works for everyone. Well, it didn’t work for everyone, but it definitely worked for us!”

Praise for “smart, competitive battles”, despite the contradictory appearance of the final theme, several were focused on one side. This was by design as the two promoters, assisted by Turki Alalshikh, chose the weight classes and appointed their representatives accordingly.

After pleading with the pundits who told his team to struggle (“They couldn’t take out the trash”, Frank cried on air), Warren had kind words for his down-the-dumps opponent after anointing him 10-0.

I love Eddie, I really love his love for boxing. He is better at promotion than his father. It was really nice to sit down [with Eddie and Frank Smith] and we had a few laughs. They have a sense of humor. I like to think we have too. We, meaning me and my sons, Francis and George. It was enlightening, I enjoyed every minute of it,” continued Frank, who imparted pearls of wisdom to the UK star who rocked the local scene 15 years ago and has been ever since.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. He is a good promoter, very good. I’ve sat there and listened to him in press conferences and he’s talking about promotion, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do and God bless him.”

Sending out blessings as the clouds in the sky shine on the Renaissance man of British boxing promotion. From Sky to ITV, Setanta to BoxNation, currently sitting comfortably on TNT Sports (formerly known as BT), no matter what happens in the game, Frank always finds a way to stay popular.

“Yes, every day is a challenge. Every day is a good day and we always plan and plan. We are in a good position talent wise. I don’t think you have any [better] the youngest talent in any boxing company in the world except Queensberry. I truly believe that,” he concluded.

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