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Frank Warren: Oleksandr Usyk-Tyson FUry 2 “will be set within the next month”

Written by: Sean Crose

“He was very disappointed but very philosophical,” said promoter Frank Warren Sky Sports about his opponent, former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. After meeting Oleksandr Usyk in the ring a couple of weeks ago, Fury ended up losing for the first time after a back-and-forth and the fourth round of 12 saw the talented Usyk emerge victorious on the judges’ cards. Fortunately for Fury and his team, a rematch clause was signed before the first fight went down.

“The rematch was signed before the first fight took place,” Warren said, “and that date will be set within the next month or so, both fighters say they want it and we’ll go from there.” Although his boxer lost, Warren made it clear that Fury-Usyk was a fight to remember. “It was a good fight,” he said Sky Sports“two perfect fighters who left nothing behind in the ring in an epic fight in the most important fight of the 21st century…a very close fight and I think it will be even bigger in the future.”

As for Warren, it was a single shot from Usyk that ultimately led to the Ukrainian’s victory against Fury. “The truth of the matter,” Warren said, “was there a point in the fight, I think at the end of the seventh round, when he caught Usyk with a couple of uppercuts and he was struggling a little bit, but. he got back in the corner and got a second wind and came out and caught Tyson with a really good shot to the nose…it showed It worries Tyson a bit, it took a bit of pressure off him, obviously we know what happened on the ninth.”

Surely the fans know what happened in the ninth – Usyk injured Fury and the fight was almost stopped. Although the match was allowed to continue, Fury still found himself on the mat. Despite being able to beat the count, Fury went on to lose by a close decision. However, Fury is a very good fighter. In addition, the fight with Usyk was a very good fight. There is a reason to want to see these two men again and again.

“Tyson knows what to do,” Warren said SkySports, “and I’m sure Usyk does. Both of those guys were in a full battle, it took a lot out of both of them…it will be interesting to see who has had the biggest impact.”

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