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Frank Warren wants to create a ‘Big Bang’ in China

WHEN it comes to creating high-reel KO moments, Chinese heavyweight Zhilei Zhang has a knack for adding his feat to a video file.

Rounding Deontay Wilder before blowing off his available chin, with no regrets, was the final scene of a thrilling five-on-five Saudi performance.

The question is where will this 41-year-old player end up? Promoter Frank Warren, who has found himself with an incredibly useful asset, can answer that.

“We’ve been blessed with a lot in Queensberry,” highlighted Warren. “Zhilei did an excellent job. I mean I love him. He is such a character, a good guy and bought the spirit of the Queensberry team against Matchroom.

“He was one of our star players and it’s clear that he scored important points for us. I would like to fight for him in China.”

November 24, 2013, Macau, China — Superstar Manny Pacquiao (R) wins a 12-round unanimous decision over Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios at the Venetian Macao Resort in Macau, China. – Image Credit: Chris Farina – Top Quality (no other credit allowed) copyright 2013.

Eager for the Chinese market that reportedly wants to eat boxing, Bob Arum previously went to Macau, accompanied by Vasiliy Lomachenko and Manny Pacquiao. While the island’s casinos seemed like a new dawn at the time, Arum, apparently, hasn’t come back in recent years. The magnificent Bird’s Nest Arena (National Stadium) in Beijing seems to be the most exciting for Warren.

“I would like to be in China,” he revealed. “I would like to get out there because his songs are hits [Zhang] apparently on their social media it was like hundreds of millions. There were many, many millions watching his fight. I think he’s hit more hits than anybody, but of course, we want to keep doing what we’re doing because we want to see him in big fights.”

Breaking the official belt can be difficult when the two best players in this division, Usyk and Fury, are busy winning titles. Since the fight of Wilder vs. Zhang indicated, however, that interesting stylistic similarities can be created in the meantime to keep boxers busy until the hardware is released.

“He wants to be in big fights. Currently, the belts are all tied up until the Tyson vs. Usyk fight in December. At the moment he doesn’t want to sit on his back, he wants to be busy and it’s our job to keep him busy,” said Frank Warren.

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