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Gervonta Davis Coach Doubts Shakur Stevenson Hits William Zepeda

Gervonta Davis’ assistant coach, Kenny Ellis, doubts Shakur Stevenson will beat #1 ranked William Zepeda.

Top Rank has been protecting Shakur since he turned pro, but whoever signs him as a free agent will want him to fight a natural killer like Zepeda. That could be a game for Shakur.

Shakur’s Defensive Strategy May Not Be Enough

Ellis told Millcityboxng that Shakur will have to be able to “fight him,” and he doesn’t think he can do that against a fighter like Zepeda (31-0, 27 KOs), who can cut him off in the ring and walk away. by using his weak gun to take him out.

Edwin De Los Santos failed to beat Shakur last November because he didn’t know how to cut through the ring against Shakur (22-0, 10 KOs) when he ran away from him. When he found Shakur, he was overly cautious and showed too much respect.

Zepeda excels at cutting down his opponents and isn’t afraid to get hit to land his combinations. Shakur was going to be in big trouble against Zepeda, and his movement wasn’t going to help him avoid getting stuck.

Stevenson’s Lack of Enthusiasm

Stevenson didn’t seem too happy last Saturday to fight Zepeda when his name was mentioned in the post-fight press conference after his victory over Artem Harutyunyan at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

The only two fighters Shakur showed interest in fighting next were Gervonta Davis and Vasily Lomachenko, and those guys won’t be his next opponents unless he plans to sit out the ring and wait a year or two for one of them to attack. free yourself and fight him.

Shakur has the WBC belt, but he hasn’t been able to defend it since he won it last year against De Los Santos. If the World Boxing Council orders Shakur to fight Zepeda, his time as champion could be over. He will have to face him, otherwise he will lose the title.

Some Competitors Pose a Greater Threat

What the fans saw last night against Harutyunyan and in Shakur’s fight against De Los Santos is a striker who has no power to beat the best, and is living on borrowed time as the holder of the WBC belt.

Once again, he would not be the champion if De Los Santos knew how to cut off the ring, showed the same courage as Zepeda, and attacked Shakur. If either of those ingredients were present, Shakur would have lost to De Los Santos.

The thing is, De Los Santos is not close to other competitors, such as Zepeda, Abdullah Mason, Andy Cruz, and Floyd Schofield. Those guys would be a nightmare for Shakur.

Advertising Companies Be Warned

Shakur is a risky investment. The organizers of PBC and Matchroom must be aware of the danger of Shakur and forget about signing him because he will not be worth this money unless it is one fight against a good person.

That would be a waste of money because Shakur would be exposed, and his fame, as it were, would be famous after his destruction.

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