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Gervonta Davis – On the Cusp of True Greatness

Written by: Sean Crose

He was 23 years old at the time, with a record of 25 wins and no losses. He was an Olympian, talented, good-looking, and had that rare quality known as “the factor.” However, “Sugar” Ray Leonard had to truly prove himself to be at the top level. To do that, Leonard will have to defeat the 38-0-1 Wilfred Benitez, who less than four years earlier became the youngest world champion in history by defeating Antonio Cervantes at just seventeen years old.

Suffice it to say, Leonard-Benítez was quite the battle. These were two true tacticians like wits in the ring – until Leonard showed the world the fight that ended the most powerful punch in his arsenal by stopping Benavidez in the last seconds of the fifteenth and final round. After lifting the WBC welterweight title off the shoulders of Benítez, Leonard went on to have one of the most decorated careers in boxing history. Last Saturday night in Las Vegas, more than forty years after Leonard entered the ring of fame, Gervonta “Tank” Davis did the same thing when he brutally knocked out Frank Martin in the 8th round of their WBA lightweight belt.

However, as impressive as he was, Davis had yet to enter the reign that Leonard had decades earlier when he bested the incredible Benavidez. Why? Because Martin, as good as he is, is not at the level that Benavidez was. Indeed, none of Davis’ opponents have been. And until he can best someone who is generally considered his equal in the ring, Davis will remain just this side of greatness. Another suspect, however, like Davis is about to enter the stratosphere – provided he beats one of the top names in his weight class.

At the moment, Vasyl Lomachenko appears to be the man Davis will fight for the title. Lomachenko may be over the mountain, but the man has already secured a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame when he retires. What’s more, an aging wolf still has a lot of bite. In other words, a fight with Lomachenko if there is no guaranteed victory for Davis. And it’s not a fight with Shakur Stevenson who has extraordinary skills. A potential matchup between the two men currently stands as a question that needs an answer. Hopefully that answer will come soon, as both fighters are in line to join the greats – and can achieve greatness by fighting and defeating the other.

Simply put, it’s time for the seemingly brilliant Davis to try to prove that he’s as good as he seems.

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