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Golf Business News – Hayward Heath renews greens with support from Greg Evans Golf Course Solutions

Members of Hayward Heath Golf Club in West Sussex are enjoying some of the best playing conditions in the 102-year-old club’s history following the implementation of a greens restoration program over the past 15 months.

The club partnered with Greg Evans Golf Course Solutions in 2022 – its centenary year – to carry out an agronomy study following a major irrigation failure and damage to the greens after a particularly bad summer.

The club’s former General Manager at the time, Paul Tidey, began a study to thoroughly inspect the playing areas, with a particular focus on green areas. The research conducted by GEGCS led to several important recommendations. A key recommendation was the implementation of a Green Grass Restoration Program, which focused on stripping to remove dead matter, and an intensive monitoring program using rye grass to ensure healthy winter growth.

After an audit and recommendations, the club partnered with PSI Irrigation to upgrade the greens with a two-valve sprinkler, a weather station, and a soil moisture meter for daily data monitoring.

Another key recommendation was to address the high levels of organic matter in the top 20mm, found to average 14%, much higher than the industry standard of 5%. This focus on reducing organic matter was important for improving the overall health and performance of the vegetables.

In the spring of 2023, GEGCS was sent by the group under a management agreement. The program involves bi-monthly site visits and working closely with Head of Courses Peter Ray and Deputy Head of Courses Liam Baldwin. A 52-week agronomic program was developed and reviewed remotely by Greg Evans to ensure optimal turf conditions are maintained at all times.

With the appointment of a new General Manager, Nick Duc, and an experienced Course Manager, Peter Ray, who has worked with the club for over 40 years, the greenstaff continues to check daily operations, including stimpmeter readings, to ensure that the green meets the members. ‘ expectations and maintaining high standards of play.

With the greens now in the strongest condition to withstand extreme weather conditions, the combined efforts of everyone involved ensures year-round play.

Green Greene keeper Greg Evans led the group’s consultation process

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