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Guardian Angel or Jesus Made Me Do It

Reds OF Rece Hinds it has come out of the big league gate like a cat sitting face down on a warm summer day or a chocolate bar in the hands of a toddler on that summer day. They have a picnic, maybe, and listen to a Cincinnati Reds game because this is 1970s middle America we’re talking about now. Meanwhile, a guy like Rece Hinds might still have 30 home run power with the kind of off-the-bus skills that he played well in those days, but I mean he looks good getting off the bus, or sitting on a plane, or taking batting practice. It’s hard to predict how free skaters will react to the improved testing, but everything we’ve seen so far suggests that pitchers will realize they don’t have to attack Hinds, and that will put the pressure back on the bottle very quickly. , as the children say. Hinds has struck out 38.4 percent of the time in 77 Triple-A games this year in part because he can’t catch the high cheese, and he can’t put the sauce down and out. Enter at your own risk.

Guards SS Angel Martinez he played center field and left field in the last two games, hitting his first Major League home run as the number two hitter in left field. It would be a godsend for a few of my fantasy teams if they added some outfield eligibility and found a roster spot. He’s a switch hitter with a Lindorian, metronomic quality (the same shift from both sides of the plate) that should help him stay in rhythm, theoretically speaking. I thought he was going to win the shortstop job out of spring training, but he got hurt late and then came back on fire and has been on fire in the majors, slashing .346/.500/.538 with one home run, two hits and eight walks in eight games.

In his last 45 games, Rays 2B Ronny Simon (24, AAA) is slashing .346/.422/.545 with four home runs, nine stolen bases and a 14.4 percent slugging percentage. A switch hitter at 5’7” 150 lbs, he is a versatile player who can play inside or out, but it’s hard to see how he fits into the short term. Simon says that you can just leave him in free agency in most leagues and just leave the league if you want him if he is recalled or traded. I like this player though. You feel so beautiful every time I look at you.

20th overall pick in 2023 due to his explosive rotational talent and raw power, Blue Jays SS Arjun Nimmala (18, A) made more contact than he did at the start of the season after looking for a side on the development list. He returned to Low-A on June 27 and is slashing .345/.441/.690 with a 14.7 percent strikeout rate in eight games since. The negative sample sizes are very small, but Nimmala scored 30 percent of the time on her first look, so this is an encouraging development.

He came off an impressive first season in the DSL where he started off hot but faded away, hitting switches. Guards SS Welbyn Francisca (18, CPX) changed the sequence this season. He’s been good early but has been a bit of a temper for the weather, slashing .442/.520/.674 with three home runs and three steals in his last ten games. He is on track to be a top 100 prospect heading into 2025.

With 22 games as a professional, Brewers SS Luis Pena (17, DSL) is slashing a preposterous .439/.489/.634 with 24 stolen bases and a 7.6 percent walk rate. Video game stat lines are no different in the Dominican Summer League, but Pena passes the eye test with ease at 5’11” 185 lbs with graceful actions and the kind of quick burst of speed that ages well, and Milwaukee is living a blessed life (built on good infrastructure) for it. every organization.

Brewers SS Jesus Made (17, DSL) is looking at a long career of bad puns if he can continue to play like he has been, hitting .395/.490/.716 with five home runs, three stolen bases and a 14.6-to -13.5% walk rate on a strikeout. It’s made like a high-profile, high-paying signing, but I’m surprised Milwaukee’s process is getting results like this while most of the incoming international class is struggling to connect or has yet to start. Made is a switch-hitter at 6’1” 187 lbs who is more physically advanced than most of his peers, so that’s probably a factor, he said, his brain working in sync with his fingers, his mind receiving his thoughts as if they appeared on the page in front of him.

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