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Haney Still Not Interested In Rematch With Ryan Garcia Says Eddie Hearn

Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn says Devin Haney still isn’t interested in a rematch with Ryan Garcia because of his displeasure with his positive PED test for their April 20 fight.

Haney’s Petition for Withdrawal Win

Hearn says Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) wants to be pulled from that fight in order to beat Ryan, but the New York State Athletic Commission will decide on that. If Haney gets his way and is awarded a disqualification win in his April 20 fight against Ryan, it could be seen as a weak way to get a win.

Boxing fans see Haney’s reluctance to avenge his loss as a sign of weakness, showing that he doesn’t have the strength to share the ring with the hard-hitting Ryan Garcia after what he went through in that fight.

Ryan pumped Haney during their exchange and turned it on whenever he wanted. Given the way Ryan beat Haney, it’s impossible to see a scenario where Devin could turn things around in the match.

Defending Haney’s Work

Haney’s decision not to push for a rematch with Ryan is a smart one, as his career will be ruined if he loses a second time. Right now, Haney has a good excuse to give fans for his loss, blaming Ryan’s PED Osctarine test.

If Haney were to lose to Ryan a second time, that would hurt his sales, especially if it was a knockout loss.

“The way Devin feels right now, he doesn’t really want a rematch,” said Eddie Hearn to the media, discussing a possible rematch between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia.

“You have to understand that he [Haney] he got a big punishment that night, and when you understand that somebody has that in his body, he doesn’t feel good about it, and it could have been worse physically,” said Hearn about Haney not happy about Ryan Garcia who tested positive for those who were banned. drugs, Ostarine for their April 20 fight.

Haney should push for a rematch with Ryan because he won’t be able to regain respect in the boxing community until he avenges that defeat. If Haney leaves this fight using Ryan’s PED test to gain a victory, it will be seen as weakness.

Hearn Wants No Contest

“It has to be,” Hearn said when asked if a no-contest would be the right outcome for the Haney vs. Garcia because of Ryan’s positive PED test results. “Devin wants to be withdrawn, so he wins. “I’m on Devin’s side, but I can see the argument. For me, it’s incalculable.”

If Haney is awarded a disqualification, that would be a bad look for him because the boxing community won’t respect that way of getting a win. Even a no-hitter would look bad for Haney. It would be better if the win stands and a rematch is ordered between Devin and Ryan.

“They know he had it in his program. It’s not like him. He did, and the New York State Athletic Commission is one of the best in the world. “I’m sure they’ll make it a no-contest,” said Hearn.

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