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‘Hello!’- A novice golfer hits the ball on the side of the house

Many of us dream of owning a home on our favorite golf course, but there are a few drawbacks.

One of these is that your home will be hit by the odd errant drive.

Ideally, these houses should be built with the subject in mind, which means choosing the right glass and paint.

If golfers cause any serious damage you can expect them to let you know.

However, you can’t really bank on that.

This golfer is suddenly able to hit a drive into the home side of the course.

If you break a house window on the golf course, who pays?

Most golf courses do not have a broken window policy. You may demand payment from the person who vandalizes your window, but remember that this is a moral and ethical requirement as much as it is a matter of policy.

Golfers often feel that they are not responsible for paying for damages if the home is right on the course.

There are many accounts that golfers want to pay for damages, as there are situations where players will go out and try to avoid collisions.

This damage is unexpected, but in most cases homeowners will be reluctant to file an insurance claim if they have the possibility of it happening more often and resulting in astronomical premiums.

In most cases these things are left up to the individual and there is no hard and fast ‘right way’.

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