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How much did the winners earn?

Talk of prize money has permeated the domestic game given the millions offered each season, but we haven’t heard much about bonuses on the international stage.

The governing bodies are keen to hand out huge bonuses at the end of each season based on the league’s final position, while UEFA’s huge prize money for those who compete in their competitions has helped widen the gap between the elite and the rest.

The importance of prize money in the modern game cannot be understated at club level, and the implications are perhaps more subtle in relation to international football.

For the elites of the continent, such bonuses may not matter, but the millions offered can go a long way to the development of so-called small countries – many of which have performed admirably in Germany this summer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the prize money on offer at Euro 2024.

UEFA EURO 2024 Romania v Netherlands

UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin pictured at Euro 2024 / ANP/GettyImages

The UEFA Executive Committee agreed on the distribution of prize money for Euro 2024 last December, and decided to stick to the same system in place for Euro 2020.

A total of €331m will be distributed by UEFA, with each competing country receiving a participation fee of €9.25m.

There is a €1m bonus for every match won at Euro 2024, as well as €500,000 for the draw. Teams will then receive additional bonuses based on how far they advance in the tournament.

The 16 participants receive an additional €1.5m, the quarter-finalists receive an additional €2.5m, and a berth in the semi-finals is worth €4m. The winners of Euro 2024 will receive an additional payment of €8m.

The winners, if they win all three group games, could receive up to €28.25m in prize money.

England U21 v Slovenia U21 - UEFA European Under-21 Championship QualifierEngland U21 v Slovenia U21 - UEFA European Under-21 Championship Qualifier

Governing bodies will receive prize money and players receive bonuses / Visionhaus/GettyImages

The governing bodies of the countries that will compete in Euro 2024 will receive prize money from UEFA. They will then decide how to best use the money.

Players are not paid by their national teams – some countries give out appearance fees, while players such as England donate theirs to charity – but they have agreements in place regarding bonus payments and will receive some of the proceeds. How much they earn will depend on their success in this competition.

While the prize money for the Women’s European Championship in 2025 is yet to be confirmed, we can compare the bonuses for Euro 2024 with the previous women’s tournament in 2022.

UEFA has doubled the prize money on offer for Euro 2022, but the total prize fund of €16 million makes up only a small percentage of the total pots for Euros 2020 and 2024 (€331m). So yes, there are still big differences between men’s and women’s sports.


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