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Insider Reveals Why Bulls Don’t Want to Trade Lakers

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An NBA insider has revealed his opinion on why the Bulls don’t want to make a trade with another franchise that has good news for the Lakers.

“In this industry, you have to make the best decision for yourself as a team but people are young and make stupid decisions all the time that are not good for you… NBA insider Eric Pincus told another insider Jovan Buha.

“As they should have [Andre] Drummond and Caruso. I’m k, go look like the Lakers-Chicago job logs like you’re not doing a trade together. The last one was like when the Lakers were rebuilding and they were bad. The Bulls threw like an old point guard, a Spanish guard for them and I forget who it was. It was a life marriage that helped the bulls.”

Pincus went on to explain exactly why he thinks the Bulls and Lakers rarely make trade deals together.

“I think their owner doesn’t want LeBron to break the law like Michael did [Jordan’s] legacy,” Pincus continued. “…They’re not going to help LeBron [James].”

This is obviously just a theory from Pincus that is not supported by evidence, but it makes a lot of sense.

The Michael Jordan / LeBron James GOAT debate continues to this day.

Chicago not wanting to give LeBron any kind of leg up that could bring him closer to MJ’s legacy would be a valid reason for the Bulls to avoid a trade with the Lakers.

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