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IPL 2024: CSK legend MS Dhoni reveals his favorite social media

Former Indian cricketer and icon Chennai Super Kings (CSK) legend to Indian Premier League (IPL), MS Dhoni, recently gave details about his social media tendencies during a promotional event in Dubai. Apart from maintaining active accounts on both Instagram again X (formerly of Twitter), Dhoni takes a remarkably reserved stance on social media compared to many of his contemporaries.

MS Dhoni’s digital persona

In an era full of social media, Dhoni’s indifference on social media has piqued the curiosity of many. Despite his status as a popular cricketer, he prefers to keep a low profile, leaving fans eager for glimpses into his life. While many cricketers use platforms like YouTube to engage with fans, Dhoni has chosen a more private stance, choosing not to venture too far into the realm of online content creation.

What Dhoni likes

During the event, Dhoni expressed a clear preference for Instagram over X. He cited the controversy and misrepresentation often associated with Twitter as reasons for his inclination towards Instagram. Dhoni sees the Instagram situation as improving, which may have contributed to his liking for the platform.

“I prefer Instagram to ‘X’, I believe nothing good has happened more than ‘X’. Especially the argument, someone will write something and answer the argument. Why should I be there? You know it used to be 140 characters. You can’t elaborate. Imagine I put something out there, and it’s up to people to read it and translate whatever they want to translate,” Dhoni said at an event organized by Dubai Eye 103.8.

Deliberate abstinence and occasional participation

Emphasizing the importance of minimizing distractions in life, Dhoni explained his deliberate restraint in maintaining a minimal presence on Instagram. However, she occasionally shares glimpses of her personal life with fans through social media posts, giving them a curated glimpse into her world. This exclusive collaboration underscores Dhoni’s preference for quality over quantity in his digital collaborations.

“So I would say, no, no, that’s not really for me. Instagram still, I love it because, you know, I could put a picture of myself or a video or something and leave it. That is changing now. So I still choose Instagram, but I’m not very active because, I don’t know, I feel, you know, small distractions are better, but in between, on and off, I’ll put something to the fans, you know, so they know, okay, I’m somewhere good, you know, in good hands. So I do what I love,” Dhoni concluded.

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IPL 2024 performance and legacy

Although Dhoni underwent knee surgery last year, Dhoni’s performance in the IPL remains impressive. Playing in all 14 matches of the season, he showed his hard-hitting style and scored 161 runs. With an average of 53.66 and a strike rate of 220.54, Dhoni continued to delight fans with his ability to smash towering sixes and rush wickets, cementing his status as one of the game’s greats.

A sad farewell from issue 17

However, Dhoni’s IPL journey in the 17th edition ended on a sour note as CSK narrowly missed out on the play-offs following a heartbreaking defeat by 27 runs in the match. Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB). Despite setbacks, Dhoni’s contributions and impact on the game remain lasting, leaving an indelible mark on cricket lovers around the world.

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