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IPL match conditions – RCB, CSK, RR, SRH, LSG, DC, GT runs in three locations

With only eight matches remaining in the IPL 2024 league stage, only Kolkata Knight Riders have qualified for the playoffs and three spots are still available. Here’s how the rival teams stack up.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

Plays: 13, points: 12, NRR: 0.387
Remaining Match: CSK (h)

RCB’s fifth straight win – against DC – moved them to fifth in the points table, a position that seemed impossible three weeks ago when they lost by a run to KKR, their sixth straight defeat in that time. Now they have 12 points, they have a chance to reach 14 when they play against CSK next Saturday. That might give them a chance to enter the playoffs, but only if other results go their way, SRH and LSG can both reach the 16 and knock out RCB.

However, if the other results go in such a way that the RCB-CSK game becomes a draw, then RCB needs to win by 18 runs (if they score 200) to cross their total run average over CSK’s. LSG will have played both of their remaining games by then, while SRH will have a game to spare, meaning both RCB and CSK will have a reasonable amount of clarity about where they stand.

Chennai Super Kings

Plays: 13, points: 14, NRR: 0.528
Remaining match: RCB (a)

CSK’s win against RR brings them closer to a playoffs spot, but they are by no means guaranteed to make it. If they lose to RCB and stay at 14, four teams can still finish ahead of them on points: KKR, RR, SRH and LSG.

Given their good run rate, CSK will finish in the top four if they beat RCB in their last match. If they lose to RCB, they have to hope that at least one of SRH or LSG stays below 16 points. Besides, their margin of defeat will have to be narrow, as mentioned above, to ensure they stay above RCB in terms of runs. If both SRH and LSG stay on 14 points or less, then it is possible for both CSK and RCB to qualify on 14th.

Delhi Capitals

Plays: 13, points: 12, NRR: -0.482
Remaining game: LSG (h)

The 47-run loss to RCB brought DC’s run rate down to -0.482, which is much lower than CSK, SRH and RCB. With 14 points at their best, there is very little chance of them finishing in the top four. Their best chance is if SRH lose their last two games by a lot, CSK beat RCB, and LSG can win more than one game and stay below DC in terms of run average. Then, DC could sneak ahead of SRH in terms of runs, but the margins of that are not very likely: if SRH lose their last two games by a combined average of 150 runs (with the teams batting first by scoring 200), DC will still have it. beating LSG by 64 runs to overtake SRH. So it is safe to say that DC’s campaign in IPL 2024 is almost over.

Rajasthan Royals

Plays: 12, points: 16, NRR: 0.349
Remaining matches: PBKS (h), KKR (h)

Three defeats in a row means that RR have not yet sealed their playoff spot. Four other teams can still reach 16 or more, but one of those teams is LSG, whose NRR is -0.769. It’s unlikely they’ll challenge RR’s run average even with two wins (and two RR losses), but the Royals will need a win or two to seal a top-two finish.

Sunriers Hyderabad

Plays: 12, points: 14, NRR: 0.406
Remaining matches: GT (h), PBKS (h)

SRH’s 0.406 run rate is significantly better than LSG’s, and one win from their remaining two games should ensure qualification. Two wins could put them in a position to finish in the top two. However, if they lose both the matches, they could be in trouble as CSK and RCB could both finish ahead of them in the NRR.

Lucknow Super Giants

Play: 12, points: 12, NRR: -0.769
Remaining matches: DC (a), MI (a)

LSG’s poor net performance means they need 16 points to be in contention. Even then they can fail if CSK and SRH also finish in 16, as their NRRs are very high. Even if the Royals lose two, it’s unlikely that LSG will be able to get them by the run rate.

Gujarat Titans

Play: 12, points: 10, NRR: -1.063
Remaining matches: KKR (h), SRH (a)

The Titans could reach 14 points but given their awful -1.063 run rate it’s unlikely they’ll challenge for one of the playoffs.

US Rajesh is the statistics editor of ESPNcricinfo. @rajeshstats

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