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‘Is Tiger as good as they say?’

Scottie Scheffler Friday at Memorial.

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New body camera footage of Scottie Scheffler’s arrest last month at the PGA Championship has been released by the Louisville Police Department, with one officer asking Scheffler in a police car: “Is Tiger as good as they say?”

The videos come after four charges in the incident – second-degree assault on a police officer, a felony; felony of the third degree; reckless driving; and disobeying a traffic officer directing traffic signals – were taken down on May 29. The incident in question occurred during a police investigation into a fatal pedestrian and traffic accident outside Valhalla Golf Club on the Friday morning of PGA Championship week. According to the police report, Scheffler attempted to bypass the backup by pulling into traffic in the adjacent lane, where Detective Bryan Gillis was directing traffic. Gillis said he stopped Scheffler and tried to give him instructions, but Scheffler “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging (him) down,” and Gillis arrested Scheffler a short time later.

Twelve days later, Scheffler was acquitted in a Louisville court when Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell, the lead prosecutor in the investigation, told the judge that after he and his team reviewed the evidence against Scheffler, they found no reason to proceed. cases.

Footage of the video began circulating on Friday afternoon, and below are five videos, shared by Bryan Armen Graham, a reporter with the Guardian. Below each video is something else said.

The video appears to have been recorded at the time of Scheffler’s arrest.

Scheffler: “Sir, I’m very sorry.”

Policeman: “Okay, keep your hand there.”

Scheffler: “I’m just trying to get my playing time. I’m shaking.”

Scheffler: “Guys, I’ll keep my arms there, I promise.”

Scheffler: “I’m about to be arrested.” I’m trying to get a tee time.”

Scheffler: “He actually told me to stop, and as I passed, he grabbed my arm and I was afraid; I didn’t know he was a policeman.”

Here, it appeared that ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington tried to intervene, but was told to back off. Scheffler was then taken to the car.

Scheffler: “Can we talk for a second?”

Policeman: “Do you have a bag?”

Scheffler: “All my stuff is there – my player badge, my wallet, my phone.”

Policeman: “Have you had anything to drink, or have you washed your mouth?”

Scheffler: “Mouthwash.”

Officer: “Is that so?”

Scheffler: “Yes, I woke up about half an hour ago.”

Here, it appeared that the officer began talking to Gillis, who said he was fine and refused treatment from Emergency Medical Services. Notably, the last four seconds of the video are muted.

The video appears to have been recorded inside a police car. At one point, the officer asked Scheffler about Woods.

Policeman: “Just to clarify, you didn’t drink anything today, did you?” Nothing to drink this morning?”

Scheffler: “Just a mouth wash.”

Policeman: “Just to wash your mouth.” OK. So if he gave you a PBT test, like a breathalyzer…”

Scheffler: “Can you give me one now?” [He laughed.]

Officer: “Usually people are like, no, I do that.”

Scheffler: “Like, yeah, give me a breathalyzer.”

Scheffler: “I try not to drink too much before I go golfing at 8 in the morning”

Official: “So I guess you’re good if you play on the PGA.”

Scheffler: “I’m fine, yes.”

Officer: “Is Tiger as good as they say, or…”

Scheffler: “You’re so beautiful.”

Here, the official showed Scheffler his phone, where it appears that Scheffler found out that the second round was delayed.

The video appeared to have been recorded inside a police car while it was moving. Here, the officer asked Scheffler about his job.

Policeman: “So how long have you been playing golf to come to this?”

Scheffler: “Like I was 2 or 3 years old.”

Policeman: “Good grace.”

Scheffler: “Yes, I have been traveling now, this is my fifth year. No, sixth year. I became a student after graduating from college in 2018, then I played a small tour in the summer, then I played – what is your favorite game?

Officer: “I’m not really a sports fan.”

Scheffler: “I would say, I played in the minor leagues for about a year and then I went out on the PGA Tour.”

Officer: “Yes, it’s amazing if you’re telling the truth. How old are you now?”

Scheffler: “Twenty-seven.”

Officer: “You’re 27 and you play the PGA?”

Here, Scheffler told the officer that she had just had her first child, and the officer congratulated her.

This video was also seen recorded inside the police car while it was moving. Here, Scheffler was wondering if he would be able to play on Friday.

Scheffler: “So what are the chances that I’ll be able to play golf today? About one percent?”

Officer: “Man, I don’t want – who’s your lawyer?”

Scheffler: “His name is Danny.”

Officer: “Okay, yeah, I was going to call Danny as soon as you got in there, man. I haven’t looked at your papers yet to think of giving you an answer. Because I don’t, so I don’t know. I don’t know what you are charged. But if I had to guess, I would say no. But that’s me. That’s just a guess. But then again, we work in Jefferson County and things have happened that we don’t know about. “

Here, Scheffler told the official how Rory McIlroy received a police escort to make his time on the final day of the 2012 Ryder Cup. Scheffler also told the official how he played golf two years ago with former President Donald Trump.

This video appears to have been recorded inside the police station. Here, the official admitted that he had just learned that Scheffler was ranked No. 1 in the world.

Scheffler: “I turned on my phone to see if my wife was awake.” [He showed the officer the phone.]

Policeman: “Ohhhh. I didn’t know he was number 1 in the world right now. That’s why all the stories were there. … He is the No. 1 player in the world.”

Second policeman: “Who?”

Here, the first officer identified Scheffler.

Second officer: “Golf?”

First official: “You are too uncharacteristic to be the 1st player in the world. … You should have had a driver. You should have been the one escorted by the police we are talking about.”

Scheffler: “Instead I’m to blame.”

First: “For now. You will be fine.”

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