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Jeremy Sochan to Victor Wembanyama: ‘People are afraid to fight him’

Regarding his parents, he talked about their unwavering support and the freedom they gave him. When he was 12 or 13 years old, Victor realized that the NBA was a real dream, prompting him and his parents to sacrifice everything to achieve it. However, their support was not limited to basketball. He said, “If I choose a different job, such as an accountant, they will fully support me.” Being a tall celebrity isn’t always easy. Running the way he does takes a toll on his body, and Wemby admitted that his back often hurts and his body tells him to stop running more than the average person. While some people enjoy walking down the street to relax, that’s not an option for Wemby. Every time he walks, he faces a reaction to his unique size. He stated that it “gets old” when people make jokes about his height. -via Pounding the Rock / June 24, 2024

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