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Jim Nantz’s Augusta National-themed backyard is every golfer’s dream

Most golf fans know about Jim Nantz. Some fans may even recognize the longtime CBS anchor’s backyard setup at his Pebble Beach home, which includes a replica of the famous par-3 7th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

That hole in the back of the house took eight months to build and was completed in 2015. Many stories have been written about it since and some of the biggest stars of the game have played it.

But guess what? Nantz is here again.

Golfweek It was reported earlier this month that Nantz is in the process of creating his latest backyard golf hole — a miniature replica of the par-5 13th green at Augusta National Golf Club — even though this one was put in his Nashville, Tenn., home. (It’s good to be Nantz.)

We asked Jim Nantz about golf TV critics. He gave us an epic answer.


James Colgan

Nantz recently joined his former CBS friends Peter Kostis and Gary McCord on their “Kostis & McCord: Off Their Rockers” podcast, a GOLF Production, to discuss his career, his favorite stories, and his new backstage creation, Quick Nantz. to say it is still developing.

This one, however, has bells and whistles.

There are a few backyard spots already included, but Nantz also wanted an elevated tee, from the deck off the upper guest bedroom. But that didn’t work because of permits and the like — “it was an engineering nightmare,” he said — so Nantz did what any experienced golf broadcaster would do: He turned his screened-in porch into a tee box.

“I decided I was going to live more in the Topgolf environment,” Nantz said. “Smash all the furniture, and let’s take some of the outer columns that hold the screen – and make sure they’re not well made – and get one of these remote control screens that come out, and voilàyou can open it and shoot at that green.”

Augusta National's replica 13th hole behind Jim Nantz's home.
The copy pit has Magnolia trees.

Hosted by Jim Nantz

Nantz said they cut the bluestone flooring and added turf for the tee box.

“So you’ve got a great experience where you can hit a little pitch shot, and you get that beautiful ball in the air, kind of flying in the sky, all the while playing the music of Augusta,” Nantz previously said. he added, tongue in cheek, “Listen, I like trickery, guys. I like to be explained a little bit.”

But wait, there’s more!

“You know the current anger in golf is these luxury stations, where the fourth or fifth hole you can go in and just grab and go, no one charges you,” said Nantz. “I have a whole army of people right now installing my margarita machine and my ice cream maker.”

You can watch the entire interview with Nantz below.

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