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JJ Redick realized his lack of experience during the Lakers’ induction

JJ Redick has finally entered the world of NBA coaches as he was officially introduced by the Lakers on Monday. However, the new purple and gold tactician couldn’t have made it through this press conference without addressing the biggest elephant in the room: his lack of experience as a coach.

However, it is the television commentator of this division who quickly pointed out this omission in his CV. “I’ve never coached in the NBA before,” Redick said to get it out of the way. “I don’t know if you have heard that thing.

JJ, who turned 40 years old on his first day on the job, quit his 15-year career back in 2021. His time as a basketball player began when he became a star at Duke University and eventually became a star. drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2006. He made 20 three-pointers, the most in NBA history.

Throughout the years, he has been connected to basketball through many media outlets such as ESPN and ABC, and even his own podcast called. Watch the Game he holds a partnership with LeBron James, who is now his student.

By his side was the team’s vice president of basketball and general manager Rob Pelinka, who supported Redick by explaining that “NBA head coaching experience and NBA experience are not mutually exclusive.” According to the VP, the former firing ranger will be given a gun to become a wise leader.

“I think that in the industry in general and in sports specifically, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the patterns of being at sea like doing the same thing that everyone else is doing,” said Pelinka during the presentation. “But when we started this investigation, it was important for us to see if we could do something different. And immediately in our conversations with JJ, it became very clear that he has a different perspective and philosophy about basketball and how it should be taught.”

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Redick agreed to a four-year deal last week, after UConn men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley turned down a six-year, $70 million offer from the Lakers. “All the time [courtship of Hurley], in no way have my pride or feelings been hurt or harmed in any way,” JJ said. “Dan Hurley is a two-time national champion at UConn. I am the champion of the 55 Swish League two times in the third and fourth division. Like, I heard, you know? I heard.”

Redick revealed that it was Rick Carlisle who “planted the seed” in him to consider coaching again during an interview with the Raptors.

According to the 15-year NBA player, he didn’t really think about becoming a coach until Rick Carlisle, who coached him in Dallas, “planted the seed” to consider this line of work. However, it wasn’t until the Toronto franchise called him for an interview for the coaching position last year, that he was really open to the idea.

“It wasn’t until I interviewed for the Toronto job last year that I knew I wanted to be a head coach in the NBA,” Redick said. “So last year, I spent a lot of time talking to coaches, talking to GMs, picking their brains. … I felt like this is what I had to do.”

As for his podcast with LeBron, which just started airing three months ago, it will have to be stopped. The oldest player in the NBA, who called JJ his “friend”, decided to keep his distance during the interview.

“At the moment, and hopefully for a very long time, I am removed from the content area,” Redick confirmed, it is clear that his only goals are to win titles in Los Angeles. “So there won’t be a podcast. … I’m done with podcasting for now.”

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