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Jose Mourinho is set to return to football after being offered a new job

According to reports, former manager of Chelsea and Tottenham, Jose Mourinho, got the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia.

Since leaving Roma in January, the former Manchester United manager has been unemployed; however, there are now rumors suggesting that Mourinho may be about to return to professional football, but not as a manager.

Sportitalia reports that Al-Qadisiyah, a second division club, have spoken to the Portuguese coach about taking on the role of technical director.

Considering that Mourinho has previously worked as a manager or assistant manager, this would be a completely new role from what he has done before in his career.

Four months after his sacking, Mourinho, 61, has been linked with a number of positions, including an unlikely return to Old Trafford (via Daily Mail).

However, a recent report suggests that his days of unemployment are coming to an end soon.

Mourinho will find it attractive to work as the club’s technical director after his tenure at AS Roma ended with his sacking.

He is expected to oversee all aspects of the Saudi club’s football in this position, from hiring managers to recruiting players.

Jose Mourinho is in the process of returning to football.

The role will be new for the Portugal manager but due to his experience and position in the game, the task will not be difficult for him.

About his next project, he told The Telegraph last month:

“All I want is that goals and objectives must be established by everyone in a fair way.

“I will not be able to go to a club where, because of my history, the aim is to win the title. No.

“The only thing I want is that there should be justice.”

Jose Mourinho has never worked outside of Europe

A move to Saudi Arabia will take Mourinho out of Europe, his first job outside the continent.

After successful spells at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Roma, the Portuguese manager has established himself as one of the best managers of the modern era.

His achievements hold a high place in the world of football and he can be a valuable asset to any team he joins.

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