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Kyrie Irving Addresses Harsh Criticism Luka Doncic Received

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving addressed Luka Doncic as the subject of heavy criticism after the Dallas Mavericks beat the Boston Celtics 3-0 in the NBA Finals.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst had some harsh words for Doncic and his comments came quickly after the game.

“His defensive performance was unacceptable,” Windhorst told ESPN. “He is a hole in the court. Celtic attack him; they are ahead in this series because they attacked him defensively. … He calls his team.”

Now, with Doncic returning to Game 4 with 29 points in three quarters and a 122-84 victory, Irving suggested Doncic made his critics look foolish.

“I think he made a few people eat their words,” Irving said after Game 4. “I’ll say that in a healthy way … I think this is his first taste of what it’s like to be on this stage and not play. With your skills … He responded very well. I think I expected it. I think a lot of people expected what Luke saw.”

Irving also contacted Mavs coach, Jason Kidd, strongly defending Doncic from the intense criticism he received.

“If you’re not there to play with us, it’s going to be hard for us to hook you up if you talk bad about one of our teammates,” Irving said. “We will not take it. That means not only to us, but also to our head coach.”

The Mavericks now travel to Boston for Game 5, which airs Monday night.

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