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LeBron James after Terrence Shannon’s not guilty verdict: ‘An apology should be 30X higher than the hate he had’

With your coaching ability, but also your ego, does the prospect of being coach Lebron James tempt you too much? Did you talk to LeBron at any point in the process? Dan Hurley: That was one of the best things. It was one of those exciting games, it was an opportunity, in your life, to coach one of the greatest players of all time. I have a lot of confidence that my work style and my creativity and my ability to communicate with him would make a good relationship there. That was a big draw for me. We’ve texted each other and I’m smart enough to have some connections there, because you would want, obviously, to start that relationship. Or, you know, having sons who are really good at basketball, if I were to stay in college. -via / June 13, 2024

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