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LeBron James’ ‘Ideal World’ Team Star and Coach Revealed

LeBron James wants to reunite with Kyrie Irving and Tyronn Lue, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

“In an ideal world, Ty Lue would be his head coach, Kyrie Irving would be his point guard, and that would be the end of anything. There will be no search for coaches,” he said during a recent appearance on Up & Adams.

Charania added that James getting what he wants comes from confirmation, citing the many times the Lakers didn’t hire his teammates and head coaches.

“Yes, in 2019, LeBron James really wanted Ty Lue to be the head coach,” Charania said. “The Lakers interviewed him but did not hire him. So that’s one thing he wanted not to happen.

“A few years ago, Kyrie Irving, they made two attempts to run Kyrie Irving. LeBron James wanted Kyrie Irving as his point guard. That didn’t happen.”

Although the Lakers have not always bent James’ will, they will still be under pressure to do so considering he can leave in free agency this offseason.

Earlier this month, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported that the Lakers wanted James back on whatever terms he wanted.

It remains to be seen if that would include Bronny’s plan, LeBron has softened his stance on wanting to play with his son in recent months, while Bronny has said that playing with his father is not his dream.

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