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Liam Paro’s Impossible Goal: Unveiling IBF Champion, Subriel Matias

Liam Paro faces a challenge tonight, trying to knock out IBF light welterweight champion Subriel Matias at home in Puerto Rico at the Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu in Manati.

As promoter Eddie Hearn points out, no one wants to fight Matias (20-1, 20 KOs), especially not in his home country, Puerto Rico.

Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn says he encountered indifference when he tried to hunt down his opponent after recently signing Matias, and finally found someone with the courage to fight in the undefeated, fearless Paro (24-0, 15 KOs). ).

Hearn hopes that if Matias looks impressive tonight, the top 140 fighters will come forward to fight him. Unfortunately, this is very likely to have the opposite effect.

The top level boys in this division will continue to avoid Matias like the plague if he shines today for Paro because they don’t want to be another statistic.

Hearn apologized to the fighters he hopes will want to fight Matias next:

– Ryan Garcia
– Teofimo Lopez
– Devin Haney

Paro’s Fight IQ Advantage

“How will you take the punch from Matias? He will be beaten, but can he roll with the punches? Can he take the steam off that power?” said boxing champion Sergio Mora on DAZN about Liam Paro in tonight’s fight with IBF light welterweight champion Sergio Mora.

If all Paro had to worry about was taking one punch from Matias, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the problem is he has to be able to take 30+ per round, and they’re all hard. Matias throws 80 punches per round, and even if he only lands 25% of them, Paro will need to take a lot of punishment.

“Liam Paro is a southpaw, and he’s going to use those southpaw angles,” Mora said. “If he can support Matias and bring him back, then you know that Liam Paro comes with a game plan and a strategy. You have the fighting IQ to do that.

“If 10,000 Puerto Ricans show up, the better Liam Paro does. The quieter it is, the better for Paro,” said Mora.

It will be easier said than done for Paro to back up Matias and silence 10,000+ fans tonight. Matias stands up when he is attacked and fights with his strength.

Paro hasn’t shown the kind of pop in his punches that would bother Matias enough to make him back down tonight, and if he has that kind of power, it’s unlikely that Subriel will back down.

“[Matias] he admits that he is not very artistic. “He doesn’t have the best streak, but he’s confident that guys can finish fights with him,” Chris Mannix said.

“You need fighters who are willing to roll the dice,” said promoter Eddie Hearn about Matias needing fighters who are willing to face him. “We went through the list of those who will oppose Matias.”

If Matias wins tonight, the only operators who would be interested in facing him are these guys:

– Gary Antoine Russell
– Gary Hitchins
– Jose Ramirez
– Regis Prograis
– Jack Catterall

Most of those guys target other champions with big paydays in Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez, and Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz.

One of that group who may be willing to fight Matias is former WBC champion Prograis, and the reason he is doing this is because he will be knocked out cold by Haney, Pitbull, and Teofimo.

The 35-year-old Prograis is too old to wait for a chance to fight the famous champions, so Matias is even better.

Mission Impossible in Puerto Rico

“No one wants to fight him, especially in Puerto Rico. Fighting him in his hometown is almost like an impossible task. “Liam will do his best, and he’s confident,” Hearn said about the fights that Matias doesn’t want to face.

It is true what Hearn said that no one wants to fight Matias. He’s in the ‘Who needs him’ squad, and that won’t change unless he looks vulnerable today against Paro.

If Matias falls a few times and can edge Paro, there will be more interest from other fighters. However, it’s unlikely that 140-lb champions Haney, Cruz or Teofimo would want anything to do with Matias, but at least some of the more established contenders would be very interested.

“What Matias needs is an unbelievable match where the entire boxing community, just fight fans, goes, ‘Stick to Haney.’ Put him in the middle with Teofimo. Put him on Ryan Garcia. Put him in the Tank,’” Hearn said.

Hearn is treating other fighters badly if he thinks they will show interest in fighting Matias if he looks good tonight. He looks obsessed, and no one wants anything to do with him. Fear. None of these guys want Matias to interfere with their work, maybe forever.

“You don’t have to worry about his side. You don’t need to worry about Matias. He’s a scary person,” Hearn said.

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