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Mauricio Pochettino is still in the dark about the future

There are too many problems at Chelsea Football Club to list here, but the fact that the first team manager, Mauricio Pochettino, still does not know if he will manage the club next season or not is a lie.

What the Blues need most from the club is a period of stability, and so far, keeping the Argentine in place for at least another season would appear to be a logical and logical option.

However, since Todd Boehly took over the club, rational and logical decisions do not seem to be part of the local language.

Pochettino is still in the dark about his future

Every transfer window has seen Chelsea sell or buy players in multiples. They were the biggest spenders at the time, although the club got nothing out of it other than mid-table.

Runners-up in the Carabao Cup final, FA Cup semi-final losers against Man City, the best Pochettino can hope for now this season is a Europa League game that could give him the chance to be killed off at Stamford Bridge.

Should Mauricio Pochettino be given another season at Chelsea?

Equally, given the spending spree at the start of the season, Europe’s second-tier competition may not be considered good enough for the leadership.

In any case, as the Telegraph notes (subscription required), no decision will be made on the manager until everyone sits down to carefully review the end of the season.

Based on the findings of that meeting, it will decide whether the experienced Argentine is given the nod or the old heave-ho.

In terms of the balance being maintained in West London, there must be a school of thought that changing managers after each season does not go hand in hand with all that Boehly and Behdad Egbali et al are trying to achieve.

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