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Melo Football Sued For Running Over Fans’ Feet

Melo Ball

LaMelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets are being sued by the mother of an 11-year-old fan who broke her foot when Ball ran over her on October 7.

A young fan, Angel Joseph, was trying to get an autograph from Ball at the time.

“[Angell] it was like, ‘LaMelo, I love you. I love you, sign mine…give me your autograph. Can you sign it for me?’” His mother Tamaria McRae told

“I just saw my son go down and I thought something dropped him.”

According to McRae, it took months for her son to recover mentally and physically.

“This is his hero, his idol, and he was run over by him,” said Cameron DeBrun, the family’s attorney.

DeBrun added that no claim has been filed with Ball’s insurance company to cover medical bills because the police report did not list Ball’s name or his insurance.

The family says that without this information, their current course of action was to file a lawsuit.

The Hornets were also named in a frog suit because the family wanted safety measures in place to protect fans.

Ball has been filmed driving recklessly in the past, including speeding off the pitch and running red lights.

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