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Mike Tyson Receives Medical Threat On Flight To Los Angeles

Former United heavyweight champion Mike Tyson reportedly had a medical emergency on Sunday on a flight.

57-year-old Tyson was traveling from Miami to Los Angeles when he had a health problem. Touch Weekly reports that Tyson suffered an “obvious medical scare.”

Effects of the July 20 War

It is unclear if this medical issue will affect Tyson’s next fight against YouTuber Jake Paul on July 20. The two fight in a professional boxing match on Netflix PPV at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jake is 27 years old, fights at cruiserweight, and has been fighting mostly old MMA fights in boxing matches. The only famous boxer Jake fought during his four-year career was Tommy Fury, who defeated him by an eight-round decision in 2023.

Tommy is the half-brother of former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and is a British home-ranked fighter and is not considered top class in the eyes of many fans.

When the plane landed, Tyson met with paramedics.

Mike Tyson’s representative told the New York Post, “Thank you, Mr. Tyson is doing well. She developed nausea and dizziness due to a rash 30 minutes before arrival. He is grateful to the medical staff who were there to help him.”

The Odd Bout?

Given Mike Tyson’s age and any health issues he may have, many fans feel that it is a risk for him to fight Jake Paul.

Tyson hasn’t fought well in 19 years since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005. Losing to McBride, who was not world class, and Danny Williams before that showed that Tyson had nothing left of his impressive skills.

It will be too bad for Mike Tyson to return to the ring at his age. He turns 58 on June 30. Jake Paul can hit, and is at least on Kevin McBride’s level in terms of skill and power. You could argue that Jake is a better fighter than McBride who Tyson lost to in 2005, and that’s not good for Iron Mike at his age.

We don’t know if Tyson and Paul will hang out, dance rather than go all out. Many fans are wondering if this will be a real fight.

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