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MLBTR Podcast: Juan Soto’s Extension Possibilities, What’s in Store for Pete Alonso, and Corbin Carroll’s Struggles

The latest episode of the MLB Trade Rumors Podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts! Be sure to subscribe too! You can also use the player at this link to listen, if you don’t use Spotify or Apple for podcasts.

This week, host Darragh McDonald is joined by Anthony Franco of MLB Trade Rumors to discuss…

Plus, we answer your questions, including…

  • What do you think about trading between Tigerswho wish to be beaten, and The Orioles, whose ox has never been great? Detroit has plenty of good relief pitchers, could they be trade partners? (21:05)
  • If Mason Miller should have been sold since Athletics to another American League team and go on to win the AL Rookie of the Year, can that team get an incentive draft pick? (26:30)
  • Say Shota Imanaga again Yoshinobu Yamamoto finish first in National League Rookie of the Year voting, he won’t Cubs again The Dodgers did you get draft compensation for having them in the big leagues all season? Considering they both signed MLB contracts, that seems to conflict with the new draft law’s compensation for rookies doing well. (28:05)
  • Corbin Carroll? This is a great question: Corbin Carroll? Is there any hope for this season? How long Diamondbacks Do you continue to chase him without seeing any improvement? I love the guy, who I have as a goalkeeper, and he has been a big part of my plans this season. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well. (31:00)

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The podcast’s intro and outro track “So Long” is provided courtesy of the band Showoff. Check out their Facebook page here!

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