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Need new alignment sticks? Here are 15 cool, clean styles to choose from

Alignment sticks are important training aids that can improve your swing, alignment and more. Here are 15 from Hazy Sticks that we love.


Unless you have a guiding stick, you may not be fully aware of all the ways it can help you. But it’s a great practice tool to improve your swing, alignment and aim – the last thing most golfers don’t think to check all the time.

During a lesson I had years ago, the teacher pointed out that my stance on the ball was off, which I had never noticed. I’ve since added alignment sticks to my bag, and they’ve been handy to keep me on track for routine checks here and there.

There are tons of alignment sticks out there, but my favorites are from Hazy Sticks. They may cost a little more than your typical fiberglass options – and that’s okay, too – but I love these because, well, they’re really good. it’s cool.

They are made from hickory – 45 inches long and three-eighths wide – with protective glass and nickel end caps. But what’s great about them are the subtle, clean designs and different color schemes to choose from — like the 15 you can shop below.

Think of them as a head cover or an extension of your golf bag; you should want something that looks good. Tar Heels fan? Go Carolina Blues. A basketball fan? Check out the 96 bulls. Florida Gators grad? You want the Swamp. Or, if you’re looking for something that goes with everything, consider my personal favorite, the Renegade.

You can scroll through all 15 below. There are also recording options.

alignment sticks dim sticks

Hazy Sticks


Made from 100% hickory and 45 inches long, these alignment sticks come in 15 different styles. Browse the options here.

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