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Newcastle United players furious over 9k-mile journey for post-season friendlies

Newcastle United’s recent post-season trip to Australia has been heavily criticized by players and pundits alike, with many questioning the reason for such a long and difficult trip so soon after the conclusion of the Premier League season.

The decision sparked a lot of controversy, highlighting concerns about player welfare and financial viability.

Financial expert Kieran Maguire expressed his disapproval of the move, calling it “ridiculous.” Speaking to Football Insider’s Sean Fisher, Maguire insisted that the trip is unlikely to benefit the club financially. He estimates that Newcastle will earn around £1.5 million from the business, which is well below the £10 million usually targeted for international tourism.

Given the meager financial returns, Maguire questions the wisdom of putting players through the rigors of a 9,000-mile journey.

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Newcastle United players are not satisfied with the decision to play in the post-season

The discontent among the players was palpable. Newcastle United captain Kieran Trippier’s comments echoed the team’s frustrations, stressing that the timing of the trip is not ideal.

The players had a few days left to recover from the end of the domestic season before making the long trip to Australia, with the added pressure of representing their club in high-profile friendlies.

Newcastle United’s Australian tour includes games against Tottenham Hotspur and the A-League All Stars in Melbourne. However, this journey culminated in an 8-0 defeat on Friday, 24 May. The timing of the trip, which is nearing the end of the Premier League season and just before the players prepare for the Euro campaign, has been a huge challenge.

The Magpies management’s decision to go ahead with the trip not only angered the players but confused fans and commentators. Many argue that the physical value of players and the potential risk of injury outweighs the limited financial benefits. The quick transition from finishing the domestic league to overseas travel has raised questions about the team’s priorities, especially with a tough schedule of international tournaments ahead.

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