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NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes, Boston Bruins, and Vancouver Canucks

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Aaron Sorkin Couldn’t Have Written a Better Ending

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Marek: “You know, we’re all wondering what the changes are going to be with the Carolina Hurricanes. One of the players who is a restricted free agent, has arbitration rights is Martin Necas. I think we wonder about his future.

He mentioned that he is probably in another market next season. Can there be equality in Boston, there?”

Friedman: “Are you talking about Ullmark moving or something like that?”

Marek: “He has a defender’s goalie. Do you have a Winger goalkeeper?”

NHL rumors: Edmonton Oilers, Leon Draisaitl, and Boston Bruins

Friedman: “So, I don’t remember what we said after the deadline. Although I’m sure we talked about it.

Ullmark, there was something going on with the Bruins and another Eastern Conference team, a rival regarding Ullmark. And I don’t remember exactly what we said, so it’s best to go into the shallow end here without remembering what we talked about.”

Marek: “We have a lot of responsibility for ourselves. Yes.”

Friedman: “But I believe the Bruins and Hurricanes talked about it in the Ullmark agreement. Now I don’t know if it affected Necas. But I think they are talking about something. And I don’t remember if we talked specifically about the Bruins at that time or not, but we talked something with Ullmark and the Eastern Conference team.

Now number one, it should be noted that Ullmark will have to be able to go there. So, I don’t know where Carolina is or isn’t on his list, but I believe it’s something these two teams have talked about.

You know, everything by Necas. You know, Don Waddell poured cold water on it at the end of the season press conference. But that’s why I don’t let my family do interviews because I’m afraid of what they all say. Necas’ says that Father came out of the Czech interview, and said, yes, it’s time. Which I think a few people have suspected for a long time.

I think he might be moving. I just think he and Hurricane don’t see the same amount. But we will see how it all works.

I mean, on paper, that makes sense to me, Jeff, but just talking on paper. I think a lot of teams will be looking at Necas and try to find out what he wants. And he’s a good player. And you know, Carolina will have options here.

I once had someone tell me that he was willing to bet me a nice steak dinner, that there was no way Carolina was buying (Jesperi) Kotkaniemi. They think they have a player there and they have to see how they can do it. But, you know, we’ll see that we revealed it in the last pod. We will see where it goes.

Jeff another thing about Necas. “

Marek: “Yes.”

Friedman: “Remember when that whole Pettersson game here, about whether he was going to sign, not sign in Vancouver, talking to Carolina?”

Marek: “Oh, of course. Yes. It was yes, that was an exciting time for Elliotte. “

Friedman: “So Necas was in that deal.”

Marek: “Yes.”

Friedman: “Okay. And Pettersson, in our interview with him, said that he never thought that he would be treated badly. But Necas was in that contract. And I just wonder if there’s something there, still. If one of the ways is Vancouver and you know if Necas will be removed, and I don’t know it’s not Pettersson, it’s obvious. Let’s not go down that road. Not Pettersson’s. But I wonder if there is a Necas deal to be done there with Vancouver.

Like, let’s just say, Carolina has a lot of D’s they need to sign. Like, you know, what if they look at someone like (Filip) Hronek makes more sense to them? As it is, that’s the kind of thing I’m, wondering about now.

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And Jeff, that I have someone who bet me for a steak dinner helped us talk about Kotkaniemi and shopping. And he said to me, Elliotte, I’ll bet you a good beef dinner, so that Kotkaniemi can’t be bought. Because the Storms are an organization like him. And he said, you know what other organizations are doing with them, and the Canucks might be one of them. So you know, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens here. But there’s a lot to talk about, that’s for sure.”

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