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NHL Rumors: Is Nikolaj Ehlers’ Carolina Hurricanes deal in the works?

What would Nikolaj Ehlers trade from the Carolina Hurricanes to the Winnipeg Jets?

TSN: Frankie Corrado and Jay Onrait on what the Winnipeg Jets might be looking at in return for Nikolaj Ehlers. Is there a deal to be done with the Carolina Hurricanes?

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Onrait: “Okay, let’s move on to the Winnipeg Jets. There are reports that the Hurricanes may be interested in Nikolaj Ehlers. And we’ve been talking about the skills that Nikolaj Ehlers has been working on for a long time.

It’s been a quiet season so far for Kevin Cheveldayoff. In your mind, what should the Jets GM be looking for to get a player like Ehlers from Carolina?

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Corrado: “Well, if the name of Martin Necas is there, and we’ve heard that for a long time now. He would have to be the one to come back, right? And it’s similar to what the Jets have done, you know, in certain trades, especially the Pierre-Luc Dubois trade, where you bring in guys who are going to be RFAs and you can try to sign them long term. deals where you chew UFA years.

And if Ehlers were to move on to Carolina, you’d have to assume Necas would be back. He will get a deal with Necas, who is in his 20s, which will put him in his early 30s.

You know, you’re probably going to have to pay him as the player he thinks he is, which is probably a skillful wing player in the NHL, and that’s fine if he hits that level. And if that happens, then you’ll have Necas’ prime years, you know, late 20s and early 30s. It would actually be a very good deal for the Winnipeg Jets if that were to happen.

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But if you let go of a goal scorer, it will have to be an equally talented player or maybe a winger who is also capable of scoring goals.

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