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NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks and their Free Agents

Donnie & Dhali: Elliotte Friedman on the Donnie & Dhali show when asked about the Vancouver Canucks and their pending free agents.

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Rick Dhaliwal: “What do you hear about the Canucks and other free agents, Elliott? They haven’t done (Nikita) Zadorov. They have not done (Elias) Lindholm. (Dakota) Joshua, (Tyler) Myers. There is no. I mean they haven’t signed their free agents this season and…”

Friedman: “There’s still time.”

Dhaliwal: “There is still time. But what do you hear? As it is, can they get close to anyone here? I mean, there are some big names that haven’t been finished yet.”

Friedman: “Well, don’t forget Rick, there’s a (Lou) Lamoriello line that says, if you have time, use it.”

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Dhaliwal: “Yes.”

Friedman: “And you know, Jonathan, Jonathan Marchessault is upset, even though he said last week to a reporter in Vegas, you know, they haven’t called me yet. And some Golden Knights fans were very upset.

The players think something and the team thinks something, even the agents can see what the team is thinking. I, the agents look, it’s June 4 you know, we still have a month until, three weeks until the draft. You know, there’s time to fix this.

And what I believe the Canucks are trying to do first and foremost, like Myers, I think they know what the deal is going to look like. If Myers is going to stay, I think Myers knows what the deal is going to look like and I think the Canucks know what the deal is going to look like. So they can put it aside, say we need this much for Myers to do because we know that will work. And I think everyone there knew that.

Now, I think they’re trying to take big swings with their other guys, Joshua, ah, Zadorov, myself, like I think they know exactly what it’s going to take to sign Zadorov. I’m just not sure they’ll be able to get there.

Lindholm, I think they would like to keep him and I think the press was on to keep them as I said, I think before, but I think it will be very difficult.

So what I think the Canucks are doing right now, Rick, is they’re looking at what we have to do to make some of these things happen. And I think that’s what this is all about right now, what they might have to come up with or what it’s going to cost them to release things or create the space they’re going to need to sign some of these players.

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I think they have a very good idea of ​​what it will cost to get, to keep Zadorov. I think the question is now, what do they have to come out with or how do they come out to be able to do things like that? “

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