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NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs – Goaltending, Marner, and the Golden Knights

Leafs Morning Take: Elliotte Friedman on Leafs Morning Take with Nick Alberga and Jay Rosehill on Toronto Maple Leafs goaltending options for next season. Friedman takes down Mitch Marner’s rushing score – Vegas Golden Knights.

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Alberga: “What about the crease Friedge. This story by Laurent Brossoit that there is something more interesting than legs? Are there any in Markstrom, guys like that?

Friedman: “I think they would like him, I think Markstrom is the type of player they would like but I think it’s a really tough deal. I’ve had other people tell me that they, that if Markstrom gets dealt, they, they, there are other groups that think it’s very possible. Like, like LA or New Jersey.

I know Ottawa was interested, I just don’t know how Markstrom feels about Ottawa. I think Calgary – Toronto works, the whole Tanev thing last year proved that those deals are really hard to make.

So. I think, I think Markstrom I mean, the GM signed him, but I think it’s going to be really hard to do.

Brossoit is an excellent host. I think, I think he’s the kind of guy who makes a lot of sense. The thing is though, you know, he’s a good goalkeeper, but I wonder if you’ll get him, you better make sure you have a third. Even if it’s Martin Jones. Like if you look at their history, Woll and Brossoit are not even 82.

So, I’m wondering if there is, if they intend to go a little higher and Brossoit is there as a really good option if they can’t knock it out of the park.

Rosehill: “You think they’d be wise to leave, I mean, it’s not like he doesn’t have evidence or anything like that. I mean, you know, he had a great record in the playoffs before he got hurt when the Knights won the Stanley Cup. He was learning behind the best goalkeeper in the world, many people thought, in Winnipeg.

Does he, do you think they want to go get a coach like Vezina who wins, or are they going to go with somebody and roll the dice the way they do in this market?

Friedman: “No, I think they can, which is why I think Markstrom is a guy that would make a lot of sense, even though I don’t know if it will happen.”

Like, I’ve had people say to me, a guy who likes, you know, like, for example, like one of the things with Marner that you know, Marner like, that a lot of people suspect that Vegas will be there. because it’s just Vegas, they’re smart. They are close to any good player.

So I got people thinking that Shea Theodore, Logan Thompson was dealing with me, for example,

Like, I think they’re going to go out there with Jay, and they’re going to try to get the best goaltender they can find. And one thing is, I know the organization really believes in Woll. I think they think a lot of him, but he has trouble staying healthy.

So you’ve got to get the best goalie you can get, because let’s say Woll goes down, down next year, like who, who’s the guy that makes you feel better and nest, net. And Brossoit can feel it makes you feel pretty good, I think, but again, I think you might want to aim a little higher if you can.

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