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NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs – John Tavares and Mitch Marner

Sportsnet 590 THE FAN: Frank Seravalli last week on the Kyper & Bourne show about Toronto Maple Leafs prospects asking John Tavares and Mitch Marner to waive their no-movement clauses and being traded.

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Justin Bourne: “You know, the Leafs have to do big things. People talk about core four. Mitch Marner’s name comes up as a guy who can’t be moved. Same with John Tavares. His name comes with someone the fans would like to see him approach.

How do you think those guys might fare and what kind of market would it be if they were found?

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Seravalli: “Well, I’m going to start with John Tavares, because, you know, I think maybe even John Tavares would be the one to tell you that his game is completely out of line with the salary he’s getting and the cap hit he’s taking.” inside. That’s how it works in the NHL, sometimes, especially as you get to the final stages of a long-term deal.

That said, I think there is a very, very small chance that he will be playing in any uniform other than the Toronto Maple Leafs, blue and white one next season. And the reason for that is, I don’t know that you are approaching your captain. I don’t know that he made that decision.

And I’m actually going to take it a step further. Yes, John Tavares. he hasn’t played at a level that matches his salary production wise but I think if we want to have a bigger conversation, the game of John Tavares has been impressive to see him transform from someone who has arrived as this type of power forward has changed. he was the elite who presented himself.

That, hey, I’m looking at the first round series. And if we’re not talking cap hit’s because, you know, we can only judge and look at players through that prism, he’s contributed and found a way to score two game-winning goals in that seven-game stretch. Series.

So now let’s go over to Mitch Marner and have that conversation and tear the band apart because I think that’s going to be a very difficult conversation. Now. I’ve heard and seen and read, no shortage of ink has been spilled on the idea that oh, well, you’re part of the core four. Finally, you need a new contract. But for now, he has a rule of thumb where he holds all the cards.

And I’ve said this before, I really don’t like the idea that just because Mitch Marner has a no-move clause that there’s no way to make a change in this Leafs core if you will.

I think the conversation can be as dull or as sweet as they want to make it. But it’s really as simple as, Mitch, we appreciate everything you’ve done here but when your contract expires, we’re not giving you a new one. We do not refund the extension.

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So whether you’ve already played your last game as a Leaf, or will be whenever next season ends. That will be up to you. And if you want to have a contract right going into your contract season, you know in the bracket of a team that might not want you, and you can go out and try to play with that or you can just work with us and we can. take that belt off and fix that situation now.

So a long-winded approach to ease of use in this context, is much needed. There are other contracts, you know, contracts that come off the books where there is flexibility. So there’s a lot the Leafs can do, and so can Brad Treliving, now that he’s had a full season of exploration to start putting his real stamp on the program.

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