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NHL Rumors: What Is Sidney Crosby’s Best Legacy?

Sidney Crosby should stay with the Pittsburgh Penguins, right?

TSN: Frankie Corrado on TSN on Sidney Crosby and if his legacy is better to remain the Pittsburgh Penguins or chase another Stanley Cup.

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Host: “So (Leon) Draisaitl may end up being the highest paid player but the highest paid player in NHL history is Sidney Crosby. Now Frankie, I know you can’t see Sid in another jersey, you made that clear. But in terms of his legacy, what’s the better move for Crosby to be a Penguin for life or make another cup run with another team?

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Corrado: “Sidney Crosby’s best legacy is to be a Penguin for life and follow in the footsteps of his mentor Mario Lemieux. Think about it, the Stanley Cups were under Mario Lemiux’s watch and at some point, the torch had to be passed. The torch was passed to Sidney Crosby.

Sidney Crosby has now won three Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh. Now that team is in a middle ground where they are not good enough to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to make the playoffs.

At some point, if Sidney Crosby’s legacy goes from winning Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh to finally passing the torch to the next version of Mario and Sid, whoever it is, we don’t know, that will be very important to Sidney Crosby’s. it is rather than saying, ‘Hey, I’m out of here. I get to go to Colorado or New York and I’m going to try to chase another Stanley Cup for me.

Sidney Crosby should be like Mario Lemieux. He should be like Nicholas Lidstrom and play his entire career with the team that drafted him. A team he has had great success with and passes the torch when the time comes.

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Host: “Now, Crosby is the all-time leader in games played for Pittsburgh. He ranks second among all Penguins in career assists and points behind only Mario Lemieux.

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